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12 Best Options for Flower Delivery in UAE

April 17, 2018
12 Best Options for Flower Delivery in UAE

Blooming in an arid landscape is no small feat, and yet the flower industry in UAE is in full bloom with tons of great options for flower delivery UAE. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are particularly fortunate because of all the online florists and flower shops that deliver farm-fresh flowers straight to their doorstep. Here are some of the best flower delivery services which provide beautifully crafted flowers UAE to brighten up anyone’s day.

1.      A Better Florist

Best Flower Delivery UAE | A Better Florist UAE

BEST FOR Budget-friendly premium blooms
WEBSITE www.abetterflorist.ae
INSTAGRAM @abetterflorist
CONTACT wendy@abetterflorist.com

A Better Florist is one of the top florists in Singapore that expanded their operations worldwide, including flower delivery UAE. Their hip and stylish flower arrangements has already impressed a lot of UAE citizens that they are already distinguished as the best florist in Dubai. They offer free flower delivery in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their main strength is their lightning-fast delivery of flowers UAE. With their free express flowers service, you get fresh and fabulous blooms within 90 minutes!

2.      Bliss Flowers and Design

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Bliss Dubai

BEST FOR Romantic flower arrangements
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE www.blissdubai.com
INSTAGRAM @blissflowersuae
CONTACT +971 (0)4 430 8501 (Dubai) / +971 (0)2 558 1904 (Abu Dhabi) | info@blissuae.com

Bliss Flowers and Design cater to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets. Their online selection of flowers UAE are inspired by fashion, design and architecture. They offer both popular and in-season blooms that are perfect for a range of budgets and various occasions. Their most eye-catching collection may be their love boxes or romantic arrangements perfect for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries.

3.      Florabella

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Florabella

BEST FOR Rose-printed bouquets
WEBSITE www.iflorabella.com
INSTAGRAM @florabellauae
CONTACT +971 (0)2 626 6139

This flower delivery UAE delivers to locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a flat fee of AED 50. Florabella’s signature service is rose-printing in which they would add an embossed message, logo or emoji on the actual petals of the roses. So if you want a touch of novelty on your fresh, cut UAE flowers, then try it out!

4.      Maison de FLeurs

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Maison Des Fleurs

BEST FOR Long life roses
PRICE RANGE  AED 420 – AED 71500
DELIVERY FEE Free for Dubai – Jumeirah
WEBSITE www.maisondesfleurs.com
INSTAGRAM @maisondesfleursofficial
CONTACT +971 (0)4 276 5886

Maison de Fleurs is Hollywood-approved. Well, at least one of the most recognisable celebrities, Khloe Kardashian, is a known supporter of the brand. Their signature packaging is the transparent acrylic square box which shows off the beauty of the blooms to full effect. Flower delivery for Dubai – Jumeirah customers is free with a minimum purchase of AED 350, while their standard next-day delivery in Abu Dhabi and the rest of Dubai charges AED 50 with a minimum purchase of AED 350.

5.      The Flower Store

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Flower Store

BEST FOR Birthday flowers
DELIVERY FEE Free for orders within their required minimum
WEBSITE www.theflowerstore.ae
INSTAGRAM @flowerstore.ae
CONTACT +971 (0)4 553 1019

The Flower Store is you gifting best friend. This online florist ships flowers not just in the UAE, but internationally as well. This kind of worldwide coverage means they have a good network of flower suppliers to keep their customers satisfied, even during peak seasons like Valentine’s Day. If you want your flowers for same day flower delivery, you need to place your orders before 7pm for Dubai and before 5pm for Abu Dhabi. You can also select from various add-ons from cakes and chocolates to teddy bears and balloons.

6.      The Forever Rose

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Forever Rose

BEST FOR Disney-inspired rose arrangements
DELIVERY FEE Varies depending on product and destination. Calculated upon checkout.
WEBSITE www.foreverrose.ae
INSTAGRAM @foreverroselondon
CONTACT 800 FOREVER (3673837) / +971 (0)4 884 6022 | info@thebellarose.com

Fans of roses would be happy to know that you can keep those roses fresh and beautiful forevermore. Well, at least that’s the claim of The Forever Rose. This London-based online florist in UAE sells roses inspired by the Enchanted Rose from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The roses are arranged inside a glass dome, and barring any accident or extreme environmental issues, they can last forever. Since it takes careful delivery and handling, this is best for advance orders.

7.      Oleander Flowers

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Oleander Flowers

BEST FOR Hand-tied bouquets
WEBSITE www.oleanderonline.com
INSTAGRAM @oleanderflowers
CONTACT + 971 (0)4 344 0560| info@oleandergroup.com

Oleander Flowers not only crafts beautiful flower arrangements, they also provide landscaping services. They’re part of the Oleander Group of Companies which is in the blooming business. You can find a wide range of floral designs for flower delivery UAE, including sympathy flowers and grand opening stands to hand bouquets. Oleander Flowers delivers flowers UAE for free to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for orders above AED 350.

8.      Sentiments Flowers

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Sentiments Flowers

BEST FOR Gift bundles
WEBSITE www.sentimentsflowers.com
CONTACT +971 (0)55 422 8975

Flowers at Sentiment Flowers are sold at reasonable rates. They provide same day flower delivery in UAE year-round. They’ve incorporated an order tracking feature into their site for anxious customers who want constant updates for their orders. Like other gift and flower shops, they have gift bundles and add-ons to help you better convey your sentiments.

9.      Upscale and Posh

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Upscale and Posh

BEST FOR Special occasion flower arrangements
WEBSITE www.upscaleandposh.com
INSTAGRAM @upscale.posh.flowers
CONTACT +971 (0)55 712 4676 | customercare@upscaleandposh.com

If you want expensive-looking blooms, sparing no expense for your fresh flowers, then you may want to try Upscale and Posh. As evident in their branding, they target discriminating customers who want luxurious flower arrangements for special occasions. Some of their high-profile clients in the past include celebrities like Celine Dion and Paris Hilton as well as big fashion brands like Estee Lauder and Chanel. For retail purchases from their online shop, you can avail their same day flower delivery UAE during Saturdays through Thursdays. Order before 7pm for Dubai destinations and before 5pm for Abu Dhabi.

10. UAE Flowers

Best Flower Delivery UAE | UAE Flowers

BEST FOR Low-cost flowers
DELIVERY FEE Starts at AED 13.62 for same day delivery
WEBSITE www.uaeflowers.com
INSTAGRAM @uaeflowershop
CONTACT +971 (0)55 667 7804

Standard orders for flowers UAE are delivered on the same day as long as the desired location is not too far from dispatch and the order was made before 7pm. For rush orders, UAE Flowers endeavours to deliver your bouquet orders within 2-4 hours. Their flower selection ranges from cheap flowers to premium blooms, so you’d find an arrangement that would suit any budget.

11. Black Tulip Flowers

Best Flower Delivery UAE | Black Tulip Flowers

BEST FOR Rose bunches
WEBSITE www.blacktulipflowers.com
INSTAGRAM @blacktulipflowersuae
CONTACT +971 (0)4 344 0350 / +971 (0)52 646 4258

Black Tulip Flowers provide same-day and next-day flower delivery in UAE and select countries worldwide. The company was established in 1990 and has since grown their operations globally. They source their flowers from various countries, including Kenya, Malaysia, Thailand, India South Africa, New Zealand and Mauritius. You’ll definitely have a wide range of blooms to choose from!

12. The Flowerful Project

Best Flower Delivery UAE | The Flowerful Project

BEST FOR Mono bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Free delivery to all of Dubai for bouquets above AED 299. Otherwise, delivery charge is AED 49. Delivery to other Emirates is AED 99.
WEBSITE www.theflowerfulproject.com
INSTAGRAM @theflowerfulproject
CONTACT +971 (0)4 3797 384 | info@theflowerfulproject.com

The Flowerful Project is mostly known for their wedding arrangements. They work closely and collaboratively with their clients to achieve the couple’s dream wedding. However, they also have an online shop in which you can get a taste of their florist’s creative designs for flower delivery UAE. Their hand-tied bouquets are brimming with a generous amount of focal blooms. You can also join their regular workshops in case you want to learn more about flower arrangements and floristry.

Product photos are taken from each flower delivery or florist’s official website.

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