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Best Cake Delivery Malaysia

The 9 Best Options for Cake Delivery in Malaysia


Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country that is famous for their tourism. It’s a favorite place to celebrate special occasions, especially with loved ones. Having said that, what’s a celebration without some cake? The country is filled with bakeries and pastry shops that offer the most delicious cakes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. What’s even better, they can deliver their goods right to your door. If you’re looking for a bake shop that delivers in the country, here are six of the best options.

NOTE: Due to the Control Movement Order, most private establishments, cake shops included, are instructed to shut down as long as the order is in effect. However, some cake shops in our list are still in operation, albeit with reduced services.

If there’s a notable policy change we could confirm, we’ve indicated them below.

1. Best Cakes Malaysia

Malaysia Best Cakes


BEST FOR Gourmet Cakes
DELIVERY FEE Free next day delivery (order by 1pm)
WEBSITE https://www.malaysiabestcakes.com/
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer

Best Cakes Malaysia delivers delicious, gourmet cakes in Malaysia for any occasion and personal milestones. They have a selection of bestselling, signature cakes including the popular Chocolate Brownie Cake, Chocolate Mint Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake. Their gourmet cheesecakes are baked fresh and then freeze blasted to seal in the rich flavours and textures. They use an industrial blast freezer, as opposed to a home freezer, which designed to preserve the fine cell structure and moisture content of the gourmet cakes, preserving their aroma and taste. Plus, next day delivery of these delectable concoctions anywhere in Malaysia is absolutely free for orders placed by 1pm.

2. Junandus


BEST FOR Halal cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium, large and extra large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 69
WEBSITE https://www.junandus.com.my/
CONTACT 6019-510-3768
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ipay, PayPal, Maybank, AmBank Group, CIMBClicks, RHBNow, FPX

Junandus is a premier cake shop that specializes in halal cakes. They guarantee that all their items are free of both alcohol and lard. Even so, they take quality very seriously. All their pastries and cakes are hand-made.

3. Cat and the Fiddle


BEST FOR Asian-inspired cheesecakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 69
WEBSITE https://www.catandthefiddle.com.my/
CONTACT 6018-872-1818
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ipay, Maybank, AmBank Group

Cat and the Fiddle is a bake shop located in Bandar Sunway, Selangor. They specialize in Asian inspired cheesecakes with unique flavor combinations. Founded by Chef Daniel Tay who was trained in classical French pastry making. They’re your best choice for delicious cheesecakes in quirky designs.

4. SK Homemade Cakes


BEST FOR Healthy and vegetarian options
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 56
WEBSITE https://www.skhomemadecakes.com.my
CONTACT 011-1171-0357
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, ATM

SK Homemade Cakes is a bakery located in Penang, Malaysia. It’s a family-run business that aims to provide a wide variety of cakes to the country. They have both gourmet and basic selections at every price point. For vegetarians and health-conscious folks, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s something for you as well.

Note: SK Homemade Cakes is not accepting orders as of the moment. Keep an eye on their website to be updated when they resume operations.

5. M Cake Boutique


BEST FOR 1-Day Cake Delivery
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 80
DELIVERY FEE Starts at RM1/km
WEBSITE https://mcakeboutique.com/
CONTACT E-mail: [email protected]
Call: +60 12 312 3119
WhatsApp: +60 12 312 3119
PAYMENT GrabPay, Boost, Visa, Master, Paypal, FPX, Bank Deposits, Ipay88, ATM

M Cake Boutique delivers luxurious cakes to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya (PJ), Klang Valley and Selangor, Malaysia. They deliver fresh birthday cakes to your door on the next day to celebrate together with your loved ones. Their premium cakes (including designer and customized) are made meticulously with their secret recipes.

6. Swens Homemade Cake


BEST FOR Artistic and Chic cakes
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 110
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.swenshomemadecake.com/
CONTACT +6012 426 2298
[email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for details

Swens Homemade Cake was founded in 2008 with a genuine passion to awe customers with their sweet creations. Their products include Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Birthday Cakes, 3D Creative Cakes, Tiramisu, Cartoon Characters Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Mousse Cakes and Fruit Cakes.

Note: Swens Homemade Cake is only accepting orders from 2PM to 5PM.

7. Crepes 21


BEST FOR Handmade crepe cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 99
DELIVERY FEE Free for orders above RM 129

RM 8 for orders below RM 129

WEBSITE http://www.crepes21.com.my/
CONTACT 018-210-3836
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal

Crepe cakes are in a category of their own. These sweet delights have a texture and taste like no other. At Crepe 21, they use only the finest ingredients flown in from Madagascar, Belgium, Japan and others. Each layer of your crepe cake is handmade with love. They also have a lot of sugar-free and low-fat options for those who are on a strict diet.

8. CakeTella


BEST FOR Alcoholic cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 99
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.caketella.com/
CONTACT 016-245-6580
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal

Caketella combines the two best components of a party: cakes and alcohol! Their creations will give you a buzz and satisfy your sweet tooth, all at the same time! Kahlua-soaked Tiramisu and Signature Bailye’s Chocolate Cake are just two of their most popular selections. For those who are holding off on the alcohol, they also have non-alcoholic cakes available.

Note: CakeTella is still operating but on a limited menu. You may visit their Facebook website to know the menu for the day.

9. Cake Sense


BEST FOR Chocolate cakes
PRICE RANGE Starts at RM 80
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://cakesense.com.my/
CONTACT 012-305-8901
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover

Cake Sense only produces high quality cakes using high quality ingredients flown from Japan, Europe and other parts of the world. They are best known for their chocolate cakes, as it uses only air-flown Belgium chocolates.