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Best Cake Delivery Miami

The 9 Best Options for Cake Delivery in Miami


There’s nothing like a moist cake to top off any party. These treats can make even regular days so much sweeter. However, it can be time consuming to visit bakeries, especially if you have a busy schedule. Thankfully, a lot of bakeries now offer deliveries. If you’re looking for a cake shop in Miami that delivers, here are 6 of your best options.

Note: Similar to other companies in the US, Miami cake delivery shops now offer curbside or contactless deliveries. They ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in their facilities, so that you can enjoy your cake without worry. Furthermore, if there are any updates about the bakeries below, we’ll keep you posted.

1. Cake Lush


BEST FOR Fun, modern designs; next day deliveries
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at $55
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.cakelushbyjessica.com/
INSTAGRAM @cakelush
CONTACT 1-786-774-8853
PAYMENT OPTIONS Bank transfer, cash, major credit cards

Cake Lush is an online store owned by Jessica Estopinan. Although her background is in Business management and Human Resources, her passion is for baking! She specializes in delicious cakes with fun designs. The bakery makes it easy to order online, because they have a chat function that connects you to their representatives!

2. Bunnie Cakes


BEST FOR Customized vegan and gluten-free cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Depends on type and design
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.bunniecakes.com/
INSTAGRAM @msbunniecakes
CONTACT 1-786-268-9790
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

Vegans tend to have a hard time finding delicious cakes. It’s not easy to find a cake without eggs, dairy or butter! Bunnie Cakes is the answer to the vegan’s prayers. They have a wide selection of vegan, gluten-free options. What’s even better, their designs are intricate and creative, too!

3. The Office Cake


BEST FOR Reliable deliveries, last-minute orders
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at $29
WEBSITE https://www.theofficecake.com/
INSTAGRAM @theofficecake
CONTACT 1-305-444-3202
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

The Office Cake is your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable cake delivery service. The small bakery is owned by Sarah Paz-Claro, who is a second generation baker! She’s very accommodating, and they often accept last-minute orders.

4. Fity Sweety Raw Cakes


BEST FOR Healthy cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at $39.99
DELIVERY FEE $2.99-$15.99
WEBSITE https://myplantcake.com/
INSTAGRAM @fitysweetycom
CONTACT 1-786-403-2706
PAYMENT OPTIONS All credit and debit cards, PayPal

Cakes are known to be full of calories – not something you’d want to eat if you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet. At Fity Sweety, you can indulge in your favorite deserts, guilt-free! They’re famous for their raw, plant-based cheesecake that uses non-dairy ingredients. They also have sugar-free options available. This is a good option for vegans, those with gluten allergies, and diabetics.

5. Eddas Cake Designs


BEST FOR Gourmet cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Depends on type and design
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://eddascakedesigns.com/
INSTAGRAM @eddascakedesign
CONTACT 1-305-666-6999
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

Edda’s Cake Designs is an award-winning bake shop that specializes in gourmet cakes. They first opened their doors in 1978, and they’ve been serving the Miami area ever since. They’ve been consistently winning theknot.com’s “Best of Weddings” category for 12 years.

6. Grandpa’s Coffee Cake


BEST FOR Kosher cakes
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at $23.65
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://grandpascoffeecakes.com/
INSTAGRAM @eddascakedesign
CONTACT 1-800-688-9728
PAYMENT OPTIONS American Express, Apple Pay, Diner’s Club, Discover, Google Pay, JCB, MasterCard, SPay, Visa

Sometimes, simpler is better. Grandpa’s Coffee Cakes is a prime example of this. All their selections are best enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. With flavors like Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate Chip, Lemon Burst and many more, you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes.


7. Moises Bakery


BEST FOR Diverse range of cakes from healthy fruits, sweets desserts , to timeless classics
PRICE RANGE $25 – $300
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://moisesbakery.com/
INSTAGRAM @moisesbakerycollins | @moisesbakeryhallandale
CONTACT (507) 400 2050
PAYMENT OPTIONS Visa, PayPal, MasterCard

Moises Bakery Miami Beach is a Venezuelan bakery with empanadas, arepas, and other savory snacks alongside coffee and other sweet pastries. They offer glazed strawberry fruit cakes and sinfully good cakes that bring out your inner sweet tooth.

But worry not! Moises Bakery Miami Beach also offers sophisticated and classy cakes for formal occasions like weddings and anniversaries for a well-rounded list of options.


8. CraveClean Protein Bakery


BEST FOR Healthy and nutritional food
PRICE RANGE $41 – $50
WEBSITE https://craveclean.com/
INSTAGRAM @craveclean
CONTACT (305) 763 8567 | [email protected]
PAYMENT OPTIONS Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

If you don’t recognize an ingredient chances are, your body won’t either! At CraveClean, they pride ourselves in creating delicious, natural, quality products that are beneficial to you without sacrificing deliciousness! Francesca Morello, founder and culinary genius, struggled with finding delicious, health conscious snacks that would help her maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

She stated, “I was always on the go with a busy schedule and turning to unhealthy snacks that didn’t taste very good. Loaded with sugar and ingredients I didn’t recognize. They had a long shelf life that I knew wasn’t good for me” From these experiences, CraveClean was born. 

Now Francesca turns to her moist, tasty treats with wholesome nutritional macros. “The idea is that every ingredient I put in would be beneficial to your body in some way. I want everyone to have their cake and eat it too. My products are gluten free and diabetic friendly. No one should have to sacrifice flavor for a healthy lifestyle!”


9. Pinecrest Bakery


BEST FOR Baked Goods
PRICE RANGE Starts at $1.10
DELIVERY FEE Depends on location
WEBSITE https://pinecrestbakery.com/
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/pinecrestbakery/
CONTACT (786) 732-2269
PAYMENT OPTIONS Contact for details

Pincerest Bakery is a 24-hour bakery chain in South Florida. They bring family tradition to Miami by their classic menu.

Not only do they offer baked goods but breakfast selections to perfectly pair their freshly baked goods.