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Best Cake Delivery Seattle

The 10 Best Options For Cake Delivery In Seattle

Seattle is composed of interesting bakers. They design cakes as if they design art pieces—highly decorative, flavorful and modern. They have different design aesthetics; hence you will find yourself confused with so many choices. From luxurious architectural cakes to simple cake infused with a delicious filling, Seattle has a cake shop that can do it.

So, to make it easy for you, we have listed your best options in town. Here, you will find something that will suit your style and taste preference.

Note: The cake delivery stores below still accept orders and can deliver to you by contactless delivery. They are aware of the hazards of COVID-19 and thus have implemented stringent safety and hygiene protocols for their employees and customers. We will regularly update this post for relevant service or policy matters.

1. Morfey’s Cake


BEST FOR Custom made cakes


PRICE RANGE $35.00 – $150.00

DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area.

WEBSITE https://morfeyscake.com/

INSTAGRAM @morfeyscake

CONTACT 206.283.8557| [email protected]

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Morkey’s Cake values the important of tastes, hence they offer an extensive range of flavors. Their standard cakes are composed of traditional and eccentric flavors—from chocolate to lemon to coconut and even champagne. They also accommodate custom flavors; simply let them know and they will create a new exciting flavor for you. And your fillings and frostings? They create based it with buttercream and mix it with sugary flavors of Bavarian, caramel and even mint. So, if you like a burst of sugary goodness, Morkey’s Cake should be your bakery of choice.

2. Baked Custom Cakes


BEST FOR Custom made cakes


PRICE RANGE $100.00 – $500.00

DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area.

WEBSITE http://www.custombakedcakes.com/

INSTAGRAM @bakedseattle

CONTACT 206.307.4847 | [email protected]

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Featured in different media for their cake service, Baked has a collection of highly artistic custom cakes. Even with the simplest form, there is always a hint of creativity in their design, apparent on how they pay attention to the importance of details. They express this artistry with gold frostings on wedding cakes and fun adornments in theme cakes. With such aesthetic, you will be visually captivated with their cakes, and your mouth will be delighted with a sugar rush.

3. Mousse Boutique


BEST FOR Luxury cakes



DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area.

WEBSITE https://www.mousseboutique.com/

INSTAGRAM @mousseboutique

CONTACT (206) 494-5356 | [email protected]

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Mousse Boutique has stunning cakes that are composed in a tasteful manner—architectural in a way and luxurious. Keeping it minimalist, their designs are standout because of its details—flower adornments, linear and marble textures, and smooth surfaces. You will be impressed with how they do their cakes that seem to be pieces of art from a gallery. Mostly European in style, their cakes are not only gorgeous to look at but also tasted light and interesting. If you want to impress your guests or a friend during a dinner party, Mousse Boutique can help you out.

4. Piroshki on 3rd


BEST FOR Bite-sized piroshkies, custom cakes


PRICE RANGE Starts at $27.00

DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area.

WEBSITE https://www.piroshkion3rd.com/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/piroshkion3rd

CONTACT (206)-322-2820 or [email protected]

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Piroshki on 3rd is a restaurant, bakery and cafe with a single location in downtown Seattle (710 3rd Ave). The bakery was started in 1994 and was taken over by the Chef Alyssa Anderson in 2016 to deliver the freshest and most delicious baked goods. They’re famous for their cakes, wedding cakes, piroshkies, soups, and super-sized piroshki competition.

5. The Sweetside


BEST FOR Celebration cakes


PRICE RANGE $40.00 – $300.00

DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area.

WEBSITE http://www.thesweetsideseattle.com/

INSTAGRAM @thesweetsideseattle

CONTACT 206.547.2253| [email protected]

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The Sweetside is known in Seattle for many things: specialty cakes, cheesecakes, carrot cake, and French macarons. You can expect them to do any sort of sugary goodness. With their extensive collection of cakes, you will find everything attractive—fancy frosting, clean surface, and hand-crafted details. Aside from their artistic approach to design, their variant cake flavors are also what you will love about The Sweetside. From sweet bites to simple dinner cakes, you will be presented flavors in both frosting and fillings.

6. Bakerilly


BEST FOR Theme cakes


PRICE RANGE $35.00 – $200.00

DELIVER FEE Delivery fee may vary per area, with minimum purchase of $200.00.

WEBSITE http://bakerilly.com/

INSTAGRAM @bakerilly

CONTACT 206-981-3311

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A home-based bakery since 2009, you will expect freshly baked cakes from Bakerilly. They define fun through their cake decoration. They know that cakes are all about celebration, hence they adorn their cakes with sequins, colorful frostings, and creative details. One can simply say that their cakes have personality—full of colors and flavors. Bakerilly is the right baker for you cake parties. But simplicity is not in their aesthetic, so expect a cake that is appealing as it is flavorful.

7. KJ’s Cakey Bakery Sweet Shop

KJ's Cakey Bakery Sweet Shop


BEST FOR Freshly Baked Treats


PRICE RANGE $3.00 – $75.00

DELIVER FEE Pick-up only

WEBSITE https://www.kjscakerybakery.com/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kjscakerybakery

CONTACT [email protected] | 253.277.2516

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We believe that KJ’s Cakey Bakery Sweet Shop can definitely please all people who have sweeth tooth. From their pre-made cakes, cookies, and cotton candy to custom-made cupcakes and cakepops, you will have no problem in choosing the perfect dessert.

In comparison to other shops, they are part of the few stores that offer vegan products. As of now, they only offer vegan cookies and cupcakes, however, you may still contact them and ask for inquiries, we are sure that they will gladly entertain your requests.

What’s good about them is they have a flavor list on their website. You will be able to see here their wide selection of cake flavors and different fillings that makes their cake scrumptious.

The only hitch about them is they do not offer their own delivery services.

You may place your order through Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, or Postmates. If you have extra time, you may pick up your order from their shop at 204 Central Ave north #101 KENT, WA 98032 during their store hours.

8. Kiki Bakery

Kiki Bakery


BEST FOR Baked Goods


PRICE RANGE Starts at $5

DELIVER FEE Depends on location

WEBSITE https://www.kikibakery.com/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/kiki_bakery_seattle/

CONTACT (206) 617-7688

PAYMENT Contact for details

Kiki Bakery offers great-tasting and great-looking freshly baked Taiwanese goods. Their bread is not greasy and their desserts have just the right amount of sweetness. 

Their quality products are made of quality ingredients and excellent craftsmanship. They also serve bubble teas that are very chewy and of different flavors. 

Their staff and bakers are very polite as well. They build great customer relations by responding to customer concerns. 

They also give a free slice of cake when they have done something wrong with orders to compensate for the inconvenience. Their products and service are exceptional for their average pricing, it was overall a very great experience.

9. Askatu Bakery Cafe by Liberated Foods


BEST FOR Allergen free baked goods


PRICE RANGE Contact for more information

DELIVER FEE Contact for more information

WEBSITE https://liberatedfoods.com/

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/liberated_foods/

CONTACT  530-574-8059

PAYMENT Contact for more information

Askatu Bakery Cafe by Liberated Foods is a woman-owned business that specializes in making allergen-free baked goods. With them, you will be able to eat baked goods without experiencing any allergies.

We think they are great since their products are inspired by the combination of their Asian roots and western palate. Up until now, they still continue to experiment with new ingredients in order to make more unique baked goods.

Unfortunately, they only offer Chocolate Lavender Bundt Cake and Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. Aside from these, they also have cupcakes, bread, cookies, pies, crisps, and tarts you can choose from.

They are one of the shops that offer personal chef services. They also allow food drop off and on-site services for small events with less than a hundred people.

10. Rue Cler Seattle

BEST FOR Classic sophisticated desserts


PRICE RANGE Contact for more details

DELIVER FEE Contact for more details

WEBSITE https://rueclerseattle.com/

INSTAGRAM @rueclerseattle

CONTACT  Via website Contact Us feature

PAYMENT Contact for more details

Rue Cler Seattle is a bakery that specializes in producing classic sophisticated custom cakes and desserts for various events such as weddings and anniversaries.

With a vast array of works seen on the website’s portfolio, each cake is baked with an equal balance of personalization and a classic timeless design.

The bakery was founded and manned by Taylor who has graduated from the Loyola University in Chicago and has also completed the L’Art dy Gateaux program from the French Pastry School in the same town in 2013. She has trained and learned from various renowned pastry chefs in their very own establishments in DC and Seattle.

Her cakes were acclaimed to be delicious and pleasantly aesthetic and pleasing to the eye with each intricate design placed. Prompt and responsive, customers had few problems regarding negotiating to Taylor the cake of their dreams.