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Best Flower Delivery in Alexandria

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts you can give since they can fully express your sentiments and make someone feel extra special.

If you need one soon, you’re right on cue, as we compiled our own list of the best flower delivery in Alexandria here. But first, we’ll be discussing its average cost for a bit to help you pick from our featured shops.

How Much Does Flower Delivery Cost in Alexandria?

Most flower shops in Alexandria, Egypt aren’t transparent with their rates unlike in other cities. As such, you’d have to call the florist to enquire about the price of your desired blooms.

Still, we can give you ballpark figures for their flower delivery. Flowers should cost somewhere between EGP190 and EGP2,500, plus the delivery fee, which can range from free to EGP50.

Each florist charges different rates for their bunches and arrangements depending on the quantity and style. As for personalised flowers, these will depend upon the final product.

Remember, even if the florist charges expensively, if the service is great and the flowers are stunning, the price is probably worth it. And make sure to only choose a florist with a great track record.

The Best Flower Delivery Options in Alexandria

Now that you have some idea of the costs, here are our best flower delivery options in Alexandria!

1) Pansee Flowers

Pansee Flowers Flowers
Bridal bouquets
Gifts wrapping
STARTING PRICEPlease enquire with the florist about this
DELIVERY FEEPlease enquire with the florist about this
SOCIAL MEDIAFacebook, Instagram
CONTACT DETAILS+20 1001723511
ADDRESS617 Freedom Road, Zizinia (next to Khalil Pharmacy), Alexandria, Egypt
50 Khaled Ibn Alwaleed (next to Abdullah Pharmacy), Alexandria, Egypt

Based in two Alexandria locations, Pansee Flowers provides passionate and lovely flowers and gifts as well as decoration services for all events and gestures. 

Whether you are wishing someone a happy birthday, sympathising with a friend, or sharing in the joy of a newborn, you could order your blooms from this shop.

For flowers, we like their elegant rose bouquet and box collection, as well as flower and plush bundles that can include a cute lamb, a smiley cactus, or even Winnie the Pooh, as pictured above.

Rates are a bit pricey at this shop, say former clients. However,  given the final product and service quality, they are probably worth every dime you spent.

They don’t have an official website yet. However, you can call or chat with them on WhatsApp to order—it’s pretty easy to do so anyway as you can view their selections on FB or Instagram.

Your chosen flowers can be delivered on the same day in a fast and timely manner for your family or friend.

Also, they are open daily from 9:00 AM to as late as 11:00 PM and thus, there won’t be a problem if you need to send flowers on the weekends or in the evenings for your lucky one.

The business is owned and led by Youssef Qadr. Many clients say that he has great taste, communication, and service, which make it one of the top flower delivery shops in Alexandria.


  • Same-day delivery available
  • Offers wedding floral services
  • Lovely flower and gift bundles
  • Open daily until 11:00 PM


  • Pricey flowers
  • No official website as of this time

Customer Reviews

The florist received a flawless review score on Facebook. Most clients were delighted with their wonderful flowers, outstanding service, and prompt deliveries.

Let’s hear what one client, Gina, wrote of the florist:

“Thanks a million Youseef for the awesome flowers and for accommodating the very short notice request in 4 hours you managed to deliver the flowers with a very very Good quality , you really made my day , thanks and I highly recommend dealing with Youseef

Also, another buyer named Mostafa left this comment:

“Honestly, the best flower shop I’ve dealt with. Top in taste, good handling, and customer appreciation. Great service.

Youssef Qadr makes this experience special, especially that I’m outside the country, and I don’t feel any difficulty in communicating or dealing with him, and he’s destined to implement the buquet better than I imagine.

Thank you Youssef”

2) Flowraly Flower

Flowraly Flower Flowers
Wrapped bouquets
Flower bundles
Flower baskets
Artificial flowers
STARTING PRICEPlease enquire with the florist about this
DELIVERY FEEPlease enquire with the florist about this
CONTACT DETAILS0122 573 7779
ADDRESS201 Port Said St, Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri WA Sidi Gaber, Sidi Gaber, Egypt

If you’re looking for a charming and affordable bouquet, then you should choose Flowraly Flower since this is what they specialise in.

They’re adept at arranging classic and timeless bouquets of roses, sunflowers, lilies, and carnations. But if you prefer, they can also mix different varieties with a modern style.

What’s unique about them is they let you choose whether to use a mesh, coloured paper, or plastic wrapper for the bouquet.

Besides that, you can get flower bundles (with Ferrero Rocher chocolates or a balloon), which can give you more value for money, plus flower baskets and artificial flower ensembles too.

The advantage of artificial flower bouquets is that their flowers aren’t dependent on the season. Hence, you can choose particular flower types and colours that you’d want for a special event.

By the way, the florist has a WhatsApp number for you to easily reach them if you have any questions or issues with your order. 

Note that they also don’t have an online shop where you can modify and submit your order. But you could place an order by phoning or chatting with them on WhatsApp.

They work the whole day from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM from Monday to Sunday so flowers can be delivered to your recipient even at night.

Flowraly Flower can ship fresh blooms throughout Alexandria, Cairo, the North Coast, and other governorates. 


  • Same-day delivery available
  • Artificial flowers available
  • Offers reliable chat support
  • Full-day working hours


  • No online shop for now
  • No special deals and promos

Customer Reviews

Buyers wrote of their beautiful flowers, friendly and nice staff, and fair rates. Check out some of the client testimonials below.

Here’s the comment of one buyer named Peter:

“A clean and tidy flower shop with reasonable selection of flowers at a fair price. I like that they offer several types of flower wrapping, including colored paper and mesh – so not only plastic.”

Plus, Geo said this of the florist:

“Excellent flowers and an adorable honor Mr. Amr and his brothers are real gentlemen.”

3) Barghout Flower’s

Barghout Flower’s
PRODUCTSFlower arrangements
Party organisation
House plants
STARTING PRICEPlease enquire with the florist about this
DELIVERY FEEPlease enquire with the florist about this
ADDRESS37 Field Marshal Ahmed Ismail St., Sidi Gaber, Alexandria, Egypt

Barghout Flower’s specialises in curating flowers for all occasions from just because to weddings and everything in between.

Their expert and knowledgeable florists have showcased an array of designs on their website and Facebook page.

Some of what you can find are chocolate and rose bouquets, large standing flowers, baby’s breath bouquets, pinks and whites, bright coloured combos, and elegant and nature-y ones.

Need a competent florist to spruce up your event venue? They can also assist clients with this to make their events attractive and picture-perfect.

Concerning the price, most clients noted their decent bouquet rates, while a handful said that they charged a bit expensively.

As one of the top boutiques for flower delivery in Alexandria, they are open and can deliver the whole week from morning till night in Alexandria and the surrounding areas.

If you want to get the flowers within the day, you have to order early, preferably before noon. Since there could be a surge of demand in special holidays, make sure to order well in advance.

To order blooms, you can contact them by WhatsApp or by phone. The details are already given in the table above.


  • Specialises in all-occasion flowers
  • Offers same-day flower delivery
  • Event floral services available
  • Gives WhatsApp client support
  • Open the entire week


  • No online shop for now
  • No special deals and promos

Customer Reviews

Most clients enjoyed visiting the florist in person and praised the superb service and design acumen of the team. In addition, most of them said that their flower rates were fair.

One buyer named Sherif stated this of the florist:

“A place to visit and we are respectful and close to home and excellent service.”

Next, let’s see Hassam’s review on the website:

“Excellent service, very good taste and reasonable prices.”

4) Flowers House

Flowers House Flowers
PRODUCTSNatural and artificial flowers
Ornamental plants
Gift wrapping
Special-occasion bouquets
STARTING PRICEPlease enquire with the florist about this
DELIVERY FEEPlease enquire with the florist about this
[email protected]
ADDRESS1 Sur, Olympic Club, and Water, Zewail Square, Alexandria, Eastern Region, Egypt

For loads of flower variety, personalised flowers, and flower decor services, another of the best flower delivery in Alexandria you can’t overlook is Flowers House.

They offer both natural and artificial flowers no matter what the occasion—be it Ramadan, a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or others.

If you want to remove the toxic vibe at your home or office, you can grab one of their healthy and wonderful plants. Of course, you can ask for a bouquet with balanced flowers and foliage too.

Worried about spending too much? One of the reasons we picked this florist is that clients said that they charged good prices for their floral products.

Their ethos is to satisfy their clients and make the entire ordering process convenient for you. You only have to tell them what you want for your flowers and they can handle the rest.

What’s more, if you aren’t happy with the flowers sent to you or your loved one, you can call their customer service line and they can replace them for you if they committed the mistake.

This small floral shop delivers anywhere in Alexandria seven days a week. And because they are open from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily, you can reliably order from them in your free time.

In short, if you want a stress-free flower ordering process and fair rates, Flowers House should be your florist of choice!


  • Stress-free ordering process
  • Loads of flower variety
  • Artificial flowers available
  • Wedding decor specialist
  • Open 7 days a week


  • No online shop for now
  • No special deals and promos
  • Doesn’t have WhatsApp chat support

5) ChocoEcho

ChocoEcho Flowers
PRODUCTSArtificial flowers
Faux plants
Gift products
STARTING PRICEPlease enquire with the florist about this
DELIVERY FEEPlease enquire with the florist about this
CONTACT DETAILS0100 006 9850/0100 006 9787
[email protected]
ADDRESS23 Fawzy Moaz Street, Smouha, Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Decorating your house with flowers? Instead of using live flowers and plants, it might be better to use artificial ones—after all, this florist has designed them to have realistic looks and textures.

This is what differentiates the company from the others we have listed here. They don’t offer any fresh, natural flowers at all, but only faux flowers and plants, and lovely gift items.

Their arrangements and greenery come in many different colours, types and sizes. There are roses in a square vase, in three tiers, and in a 1-metre-long wooden planter, as well as Venetian trees and a lot more!

What’s fantastic about artificial flowers is that they are low-maintenance and can last a long time. Also, with them, you can draw in more clients to your shop, hotel, or office and won’t need to buy a flower subscription and pay more for it.

The company has amassed positive reviews from many clients. Most wrote that their flower arrangement quality and customer service were top-notch.

You can check their catalogue from their website through WhatsApp. This allows you to find your preferred arrangement so you can be more efficient when ordering over the phone.

The florist accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards either in-shop or online. Their store is located in Fawzy Moaz Street in Smouha, Alexandria. 

ChocoEcho works every day from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM except on Fridays. Also, they can provide contactless deliveries to you or your recipient in New Cairo and Alexandria.


  • Specialises in artificial flowers and decoration
  • Real-touch flowers and plants
  • Extensive product selection
  • Accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards
  • Open 6 days a week


  • More expensive than live flowers
  • Doesn’t sell natural flowers
  • Closed on Fridays
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews

The florist earned a solid rating of 4.9/5 stars from numerous clients. Almost all were satisfied with their artificial flowers, knowledgeable staff, customer treatment, and delivery service.

One satisfied client, Hanan, wrote this review:

“Really, I was very happy to deal with you, quality in the product, speed of response, speed of delivery, ethics and very good appearance of the product delivery representative, experience and competence in dealing with customers, and I hope to deal with you constantly.”

Furthermore, another buyer, Amal, posted this comment:

“I’m so happy to deal with you. The roses are gorgeous and they look so very natural. Very respectable people and your appointments are right. God willing, not the last time. Mercy Oy.”

FAQs about Our Top Options for Flower Delivery in Alexandria

And that wraps up our top options for flower delivery in Alexandria. You’re just one call away from having fresh and wonderful flowers made and sent to your special someone.

Any comments or questions about our list? If so, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you promptly.

Other than that, you can explore our other flower delivery articles. For example, you can read about the best flower delivery in Cairo next!