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Best Flower Delivery Belgium

The 9 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Belgium


Known as the world’s top producer of Azaleas and Bagonia, Belgium has a climate that is also favorable to growing flowers such as roses, gerberas, and orchids. Participate in the Belgian habit of gift-giving by ordering flowers and chocolates in one of these florists.

NOTE: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Most stores are still accepting online or phone orders as well as regular delivery services.

1. Her Flowers Belgium


BEST FOR Affordable, Instagram-ready colourful bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Free Same Day Delivery
WEBSITE https://www.herflowersbelgium.com/
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bank transfer

Big, colourful bouquets are the specialty of Her Flowers. They offer sleek and sophisticated flower arrangements filled with bountiful, rosy blooms without the hefty price tag. They also have rustic, hand bouquets wrapped in burlap and tied with a simple ribbon to allow the beautiful blooms to shine. Send a care package of cheap flowers in gorgeous shades of pink, purple and white or wish someone a happy birthday with pastel-coloured roses and chrysanthemums. All these professionally handcrafted arrangements are available for free same day delivery in Belgium.

2. Anne Duchateau


BEST FOR Floral wall decorations
PRICE RANGE Starts from €30
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://duchateau.be/
CONTACT [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Do you want to have flowers delivered straight to your door and installed on your walls? Anne Duchateau has floral decorative canvases that instantly add elegance and freshness to any residential or commercial space.

NOTE: Their storefront is temporarily closed but they’re still taking orders online, by phone, or email as well as providing home deliveries. 

3. Brussels Flowers


BEST FOR Flower subscription
PRICE RANGE €20 – €720
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE https://brusselsflowers.floralshop.be
CONTACT +32 (0)2 513.93.20 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards, PayPal

If your recipient can’t get enough of flowers, you can surprise them with a flower subscription packages by Brussels Flowers! They offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions that are good for three months up to a year.

NOTE: This shop isn’t accepting orders until further notice. You may follow their Facebook page for more updates.

4. Flowers Jettie


BEST FOR Seasonal bouquets
PRICE RANGE €20 – €125
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://www.jettie.be/
CONTACT [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Located in the center of Brussels, Jettie Flowers have been maintained by the de Mooij-family for over 65 years. The shop uses in-season flowers to create bespoke bouquets, nosegays, flower arrangements, bride bouquets, chamber plants, and funeral arrangements.

5. Flower @ttitude


BEST FOR Peonies
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for pricing options
DELIVERY FEE Contact the store for delivery options
WEBSITE https://flowerattitude.be
CONTACT +32 2 503 40 45 | https://flowerattitude.be/en/contact
PAYMENT American Express, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card, Wire transfer

Operating for over a decade, the florists at Flower @ttitude remain loyal to upholding their values in preparing their flower arrangements. They still keep their stock of rare produce, monitor the quality of their flowers, and consult with their clients first on the type of floral design before placing an order.

NOTE: They’ve decided to close their shop until February 12, 2021. They highly encourage customers to follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

6. De Papaver

Best Flower Delivery Belgium | De Papaver


BEST FOR Plants and flowers for home decor & interiors
SELECTION SIZE N/A, Customised to client’s needs
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.depapaver-dmdepot.be
INSTAGRAM @depapaver
CONTACT +32 (0) 59 51 50 35 / 860.902.912
PAYMENT Major credit cards

De Papaver can provide all kinds of floral products and services to bloom any room, venue, home or space. Since they started in 2003, their emphasis has always been on authenticity and craft. They work as much as possible with ecologically grown flowers and plants in creating their compositions, be it a beautiful bouquet of flowers, tabletop arrangements or decorative plants.

7. Flor Artes


BEST FOR Bespoke flower arrangements
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for pricing options
DELIVERY FEE Contact the store for delivery options
WEBSITE https://florartes.be/
CONTACT +3232307888 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

A trusted flower shop in Antwerp since 1985, Flor Artes has been providing innovative and stylish flower arrangements. The store guarantees that their flowers can stay fresh within your space for up to seven days. If you want to grow your indoor collection, the shop also sells lots of interior-friendly plants.

8. Canters Nico Flowers and Gifts

best florists in Belgium - Canters Nico


BEST FOR Contemporary arrangements
PRICE RANGE Starts from €25
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE https://www.cantersnico.be/
CONTACT 03/321.34.20| [email protected]
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer

Canters Nico Flowers and Gifts offer bouquets and flower arrangements that feature creative contemporary styles. If you want to send flowers that are artsy and yet still follows the latest trends, Canters Nico is a great florist to choose.

9. Florist Maenhaut


BEST FOR Festive floral arrangement
PRICE RANGE Starts from €20
DELIVERY FEE €12 – €15
WEBSITE http://floristmaenhaut.be
CONTACT +32 9 225 38 61
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Ogone

In the “Festive floral arrangement” collection by Florist Maenhaut, you can find wine and champagne bottles wrapped with flowers or placed together with them on a round glass bowl. The shop has an extensive collection of premium drinks and a variety of flower types to add to your arrangement.

NOTE: Due to the high demand, deliveries are no longer possible on May 14, however, pick-up orders are still available.