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The 15 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Buenos Aires


Full of color and warmth, Buenos Aires is also the place where you’ll find exquisite gifts for your loved ones – including flowers. If you want to send an enthralling flower arrangement here in Buenos Aires, take a look at these crafty florists.

NOTE: Due to the current pandemic and total lockdown in Argentina, there have been a few service changes for the listed florist shops in which most of them are only taking orders online or by phone. We’ve checked and confirmed the relevant policies and noted them on our list below.


1. BA Loves Blooms


BEST FOR Affordable flowers
DELIVERY FEE Free delivery
WEBSITE https://www.balovesblooms.com/
CONTACT https://www.balovesblooms.com/contact/
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Amex (soon)

BA Loves Blooms firmly believes that everyone an impressive bouquet of flowers for each celebration that they have in their lives. Count on their team to create beautiful pieces that will no doubt bring a smile to you and your loved ones’ faces.

NOTE: This shop isn’t accepting orders because of the COVID 19 policies but this is only temporary until the lockdown ends. 

2. Flores Fres

best flower delivery argentina - Fres Flores


BEST FOR Spring bouquets
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
WEBSITE http://www.floresfres.com.ar/
CONTACT 11 4173-5751 / 11 5060-7678
PAYMENT Credit cards

If you want bright and cheerful flower arrangement, you’ll love spring bouquets from Fres Flores. Their spring bouquets comes in different styles and sizes. They have elongated and mini spring bouquets, and they also have arrangements that contain multicolored gerberas and dozens of white coves.

NOTE: They’re only taking orders online and providing home delivery service but this will only last until the lockdown ends.

3. The Flowers Company

best flower delivery argentina - the flowers company


BEST FOR Flowers in a bag/purse/wooden box
PRICE RANGE AR$1,300 – AR$7,300
WEBSITE http://www.theflowerscompany.com/
CONTACT +5491156067575 | +541145224500
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

Take your flowers with you the fashionable way! The Flowers Company has an interesting collection of flowers placed in woven bags, Hindu purse, and wooden boxes. These products are just part of their huge catalog, which contain big bouquets and premium flower arrangements. They also have regular bouquets aside from the ones seen on the photos. They do not only make wooden boxes or bags with Flowers, but they also make all sizes of flowers bouquets.

NOTE: You can still make orders online or by phone. All items in their catalogue are available so make sure to book in advance before they run out of stock.

4. Flores Express

best flower delivery argentina - flores express


BEST FOR Magic roses
WEBSITE http://www.floresexpress.com.ar
CONTACT 54 (011) 4788-9185 | [email protected]

The sweetest shades of roses come in red or pink, but how about colors that show how you’re unique? Flores Express has a “magic roses” collection containing light blue, black, and even green-colored roses! Open daily, Flores Express is ready to take your orders from Monday to Sunday.

5. Floreria La Florida

best flower delivery buenos aires - Floreria La Florida


BEST FOR Large bouquets
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
WEBSITE http://www.florerialaflorida.com.ar/
CONTACT 11-44091932 | 11-23717675
PAYMENT Western Union, Amex, Visa, Mastercard

Floreria La Florida is located a few meters away from the historic Plaza de Mayo, the pedestrian Florida, and the Avenida 9 de Julio. Operating in the middle of the urban landscape, Floreria La Florida is prepared to deliver large bouquets to different areas in Buenos Aires.

NOTE: They’re still taking online orders but you may need to reserve your order early because they have limited slots.

6. Orquidea Shop

best flower delivery Buenos Aires - Orquidea Shop


BEST FOR Corporate flowers
PRICE RANGE Contact the shop for prices
WEBSITE http://www.orquideashop.com
CONTACT (011) 4314-2424 | 0810 – 999 – 4500
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Amex

Orquidea shop is known for selling flowers for different occasions and corporate needs. The shop can take orders from Monday to Saturday. Take note that all orders  made after 8PM will be processed the next day from 8:30AM.

NOTE: This shop doesn’t take orders at the moment because of the strict lockdown measures but they’ll resume their operations after the lockdown.

7. Flores Dany

best flower delivery argentina - Flores Dany


BEST FOR Traditional bouquets
PRICE RANGE AR$539.10 – AR$3,299
WEBSITE https://www.floresdany.com/en/
CONTACT +54 11 4512 6100 |[email protected]
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

You can never go wrong with sending bouquets for celebratory events, and Flores Dany offers a variety of designs and colors to suit your tastes. They  also have combination packages such as bouquets with teddies, chocolates, and mugs.

NOTE: They only accept online orders in which you can get 10% off special discounts.

8. BLUMM Flower Co.

best flower delivery Buenos Aires - Blumm Flower Co.


BEST FOR Flower bouquets of all sizes
PRICE RANGE AR$1,700 – AR$4,200
WEBSITE https://www.blumm.com.ar/
CONTACT +54911 60390067 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

Blumm Flower Co. is born from the passion for the field, flowers and beauty. Their style “free and poetic”, reflective of the florists’ memories of the Argentine countryside, the studies of history and art, as well as landscaping with passion and beauty. When it comes to their flower vases, all you need to do when ordering is to specify your preferred height for the flowers since they can create tiny vases to towering ones filled with blooms.

As a Floral Design Company, they are dedicated to creating and delivering exclusive floral arrangements. Blumm Flower Co. selects the most beautiful flowers and foliage to create bouquets of all sizes – from gigantic floral gifts to charming hand-tied ones.

9. Flores El Holandes

best flower delivery Buenos Aires - Flores el Holandes


BEST FOR Premium bouquets
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
WEBSITE http://www.floreselholandes.com.ar/
CONTACT 4521-3899 | 0810-555-6373
PAYMENT Visa, Amex, Diners Club, Cabal, Mastercard

Flores El Holandes works every day to offer unique classes with the highest quality domestic and imported flowers that are used as the primary ingredient for their premium bouquets. The shop delivers to the entire Federal Capital, Buenos Aires and provincial partners.

NOTE: This shop is still taking orders online and by phone and they’ve also resumed their usual delivery services.

10. Tu Jardín

best florists Buenos Aires - Tu Jardin


BEST FOR Premium flower boxes
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
WEBSITE http://tujardinonline.com.ar/
CONTACT +54 9 11 4806-2506 | +54 9 11 2771-0291 (WhatsApp)
PAYMENT Credit cards, PayPal

Tu Jardín delivers flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and gifts to anywhere in Buenos Aires. To complement their premium flower boxes, they also offer additional products such as home breakfasts, chocolates, stuffed animals, and wine.


11. Flores Malva



BEST FOR Flowers with foods, balloons, kokedamas, vertical paintings, etc.
PRICE RANGE $700 – $12000
DELIVERY FEE Contact for more information
WEBSITE https://www.floresmalva.com.ar/
CONTACT Tel.: 4300-3699

Viber: +54 9 11 2457-1207

Email: [email protected]

PAYMENT Cash, Transfer, Debit card, Credit card, Pago Paid market, Rapipago, Easy payment, Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, NET Province, Express Collection, Kiosks

Mauve Flowers is highly dedicated in preparing floral arrangements. Their team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Their attention is personalized since they send pictures to their customers on WhatsApp of the product prepared for you. The shop notifies their clients whenever they start delivering their products.


12. Antonelli Flores


BEST FOR Wide range of services
PRICE RANGE Starts from $490 to $7590
DELIVERY FEE Contact for more information
WEBSITE http://www.antonelliflores.com.ar/index.php
CONTACT Tel: (011) 4793-8398
PAYMENT Dinero Mail, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, ArgenCard, PayPal

Antonelli Flores has good taste, the best quality, and a wide range of products. Having a 60-year history in the floral industry, they offer artisan products and have attractive packaging.

Antonelli is very particular about style. Therefore, the shop is ready to serve its clients with utmost professionalism.


13. Flores para Vos


BEST FOR Wide range of services
PRICE RANGE $250 – 17000
DELIVERY FEE Contact for more information
WEBSITE http://floresparavos.com/
CONTACT 011 4601 6773  | +54 9 11 27196282 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Mercado Pago, PayPal, HSBC Bank

Since 1970, Flores para vos has been deliver flowers to you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. They have a wide range of quality products you can choose from. They have professional and committed customer service for you. Their full attention is with you as you voice out your concerns.


14. Su Flor


BEST FOR Any occasion 
PRICE RANGE $100 – $12,000
DELIVERY FEE Contact for more information
WEBSITE http://suflor.com.ar/
CONTACT 011 – 4601.6773 or 011 – 4602.1024
PAYMENT HSBC Bank, Credit card

Su Flor delivers flowers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Since 1970, they have been excelling in customer service and quality products. They offer a great choice of products that will cover your special occasions. You can contact them at any time of the day with their 24 hours telephone service.


15. Antonelli Flores


BEST FOR Floral Arrangements
PRICE RANGE Starts at $1790
DELIVERY FEE Depends on location
WEBSITE http://www.antonelliflores.com.ar/index.php
CONTACT (011) 4793-8398
PAYMENT DineroMail, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, argencard, PayPal

Antonelli Flowers has a 60-year history in floral artistry and marketing. They have a good taste, quality, and selection of their products offering their clients the best.

They are very particular in the style of your floral arrangements. With their utmost professionalism, expect them to respond according to your needs.