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Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt

The 10 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Frankfurt


The Palm Garden in Frankfurt is a botanical paradise, filled with lush greens and liveliest looking flowers. Every June, there’s also the Rose and Light festival that has been celebrated since 1931. If you want to prepare ahead for this celebration or if you have a private party where you need flowers for delivery, let these top Frankfurt florists help you out.

Note: Due to lockdown ease in Germany, all shops listed are now free to operate once again but with proper sanitation measures and extreme caution.

1. German Blooms


BEST FOR Affordable handcrafted bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Free Same Day Delivery
WEBSITE www.germanblooms.com
PAYMENT Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Bank Transfer

German Blooms believes that giving and receiving flowers should be simple, affordable and beautiful. So, they have streamlined their operations to make it easier to buy flowers online. With German Blooms, you can quickly say “I love you,” “Thank you” or “I’m thinking of you” through their selection of beautiful, modern bouquets. Their expert florist handcrafts each order to ensure the best form possible with each delivery. Plus, if you order before 3pm, they will provide free same day flower delivery in Frankfurt.

2. The Rosarium

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | The Rosarium


BEST FOR Premium roses
PRICE RANGE €20 – €109
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE http://therosarium.de/
CONTACT 069 90437143
PAYMENT Major credit cards

The Rosarium orders their premium roses all the way from Quitio, the capital of Ecuador. For over 16 years, the shop was able to maintain the quality of their roses despite the distance. If you want to have roses boxes delivered on the same day, make sure to place your order before 2PM.

3. Kraut & Rosen

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Kraut and Rosen


BEST FOR Floral size-based pricing
PRICE RANGE €32 – €180
WEBSITE https://www.frankfurter-blumenbote.de/
CONTACT 069-613011
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

From flowers to foliage, Kraut & Rosen ensure that they only use the best floral elements. They incorporate a diverse range of Mediterranean and native greeneries as Pistachio, Oak, Olive, Myrtle, Ivy, Oregon grape, and Coconut fiber. Prices of their floral bouquets depend on seven different sizes, from premium to luxury (the largest size available).

Note: Despite the COVID19, they are still open for business with contactless delivery — order online!

4. Blumen-Hecktor

best flower delivery frankfurt - blumen-hecktor


BEST FOR Seasonal bouquets
PRICE RANGE Starts from €15
WEBSITE https://www.blumen-hecktor.de
CONTACT (069) 31 56 97  | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Every month, Blumen-Hecktor creates a specialized seasonal bouquet available in different sizes. You can also view the designs of the previous months, or pre-order for the next month. If you’re looking for indoor floral displays, the shop also sells flowering houseplants.

5. Blume 2000

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Blume 2000


BEST FOR Indoor flower plants
PRICE RANGE Starts from €19.99
WEBSITE https://www.blume2000.de/
CONTACT 040/226 363 27
PAYMENT Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, American Express

Blume 2000 introduces an innovative, low-maintenance floral product: indoor water plants. These plants can live without soil and grow in the water. These flowers and plants are placed in free transparent glass vessels, so you can clearly see the growth of your plants over time.

Note: Due to currently high demand, the shop can only attend to orders with short delivery date.

6. Alice in Flowerland (Frankfurt Meister Group)

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Alice in Flowerland


BEST FOR Flowers and sweets combination
PRICE RANGE Starts from €18
DELIVERY FEE Contact the store for delivery fees
WEBSITE https://shop-meister-group.com/
CONTACT +49 (0) 69 738 4013
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Alice in Flowerland’s dreamy bouquets can be perfectly partnered with sweets and beverages also sold in the store. You can add homemade jam from Taunus, a sweet Poppet mix, or the rare Bianco Rovere wine to your order.

7. Ministry of Flowers

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Ministry of Flowers


BEST FOR Infinity rose boxes
PRICE RANGE €19.95 – € 199.95
DELIVERY FEE €4.99 – € 14.95
WEBSITE https://ministryofflowers.de/
CONTACT +49 (0) 69 28 38 04
PAYMENT Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Sofort Uberweisung, Klarna

Make your gift just as timeless as what you feel with infinity roses from Ministry of Flowers. They come in different sizes, colors, and containers, so you can customize your gift depending on your partner’s preferences. With proper care, these infinity roses can last up to three years.

8. Blumen Caliskan

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Blumen Caliskan


BEST FOR Cascading bouquet
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for pricing
DELIVERY FEE Contact the store for delivery fees
WEBSITE http://www.blumen-caliskan.de
CONTACT 0177/23 06 03 4 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

If you want something bigger than a tussie-mussie or a round bouquet for your special day, try Blumen Caliskan’s enormous cascading bouquets. They also supply other floral needs for weddings such as car decorations, corsages, and church flowers.

9. Flowerbar

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Flowerbar


BEST FOR Floral subscription
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for pricing
DELIVERY FEE Contact the store for delivery fees
WEBSITE https://www.blumenbar.net
CONTACT 069-59795965 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

Create an inviting space for family, friends, customers or employees by changing your flowers weekly in your office or home through the help of Flowerbar. They offer weekly flower subscription packages, so this saves you the effort of having to decide and manually order flowers every time.

10. Blumen Block

Best Flower Delivery Frankfurt | Blumen Block


BEST FOR Weekend bouquet
PRICE RANGE Starts from €5
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE http://www.blumen-bock.de
CONTACT 069 – 56 78 00
PAYMENT Major credit cards

For penny-pinchers, here’s a really affordable floral package for your budget: weekend bouquets from Blumen Block. These colorful bouquets only cost €5, so spending shouldn’t be that much of an issue and you can get your recipient a special and pretty gift.