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8 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Lakeland, Florida

March 5, 2019
Best Flower Delivery Lakeland Florida


Occasions call for celebration. And sometimes, sending flowers could be more than enough to convey how thankful or grateful one is. Of course, the way you arrange or decorate your ornaments means a lot to the receiver. So, when you’re having a hard time choosing the right combination, you might want to consider ordering a bouquet or basket of flowers from this list of the best florist in Lakeland.

1. Lakeland Flowers 


Best For  Roses
Selection Size  Medium
Price Range Starts at $32.95
Delivery Fee  $10.00
Website https://lakelandflowers.net/
Contact  863-646-9352/lakelandflowers@aol.com
Payment  VISA, MasterCard

At the Lakeland Flowers, you will have a vast selection of floral arrangements ranging from the simplest design to the extravagant one. They make sure to serve their clients efficiently as they offer same day delivery. You may also visit their site to make a purchase.

2.Mildred’s Florist


Best For  Wedding arrangement
Selection Size  Medium
Price Range Starts at $45.00
Delivery Fee  Calculated upon checkout
Website https://www.floristlakelandfl.com/
Contact (863) 858-2219
Payment  VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal

You may also rely on Mildred’s Florist to get the bouquet of your choice. With its sophisticated and artlike arrangements, you won’t be disappointed in placing your order. It is a family-owned business which started over 50 years and has been considered as one of the most excellent flower shops in the city. 

3. Flowers by Edith 


Best For Fresh flowers
Selection Size  Medium
Price Range Starts at $34.95
Delivery Fee Starts at $8.50
Website https://www.flowersbyedith.com
Contact (863) 686-1134/ (800) 329-7673/ flowersbyedith@aol.com
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Another family business which has been around for quite some time now is Flowers by Edith.  To guarantee that all flowers are fresh, they make a disclaimer that sometimes they may substitute certain items because of availability. However, they see to it that it would not affect the overall design of their arrangement. That’s what we call professionals!

4. Gibsonia Flowers 


Best For Fresh flower
Selection Size  Large
Price Range Starts at $37.95
Delivery Fee $8.95
Website http://www.gibsoniaflowers.com
Contact (863) 858-5314
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Discover/NOVUS, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Will Call In

Gibsonia Flowers offers floral arrangements and delivery of bouquet anywhere you are. They consider the demand of their clients to make sure that what you asked for and paid for is what you get. The shop puts prime on establishing long term relationship with their customers. So, if you’re concerned about unmindful staffs, go check this out. 

5. Spotos Flowers 


Best For Roses
Selection Size  Medium
Price Range Starts at $50.00
Delivery Fee  Calculated upon checkout
Website https://www.spotosflowers.com/
Contact (863) 688-9500
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Spotos Flowers is also a good shop when you want to order flowers for someone dear to you. Their local delivery is open 24 hours. You may call them directly or go to their website and choose from the selection of floral arrangements. 

6. Bradley Flower Shop 


Best For Dried floral arrangements
Selection Size Large
Price Range Starts at $35.00
Delivery Fee $10.00
Website http://www.bradleyflowers.com/
Contact (863) 682-4439
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Discover/NOVUS, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, American Express, Will Call In, House Account

Bradley Flower Shop is one of the most trusted professional florists in Lakeland. It has expert florists which helps you create the perfect arrangement that will suit your occasion. If you have family members or friends across country, you may also send them your love through flowers as they offer nationwide delivery. 

7. Cottage Florist & Antiques 


Best For Tulips
Selection Size Large
Price Range Starts at $34.95
Delivery Fee $9.95
Website http://www.cottagefloristlakeland.com/
Contact (863) 647-5200/cottageflorist@aol.com
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Discover/NOVUS, American Express

Fresh flowers upon delivery? Cottage Florist & Antiques is here to serve you. They passionately crafts your bouquet or basket flowers and personally give it to your recipient. Also, their florists allow you to make suggestions and add personal touch on the arrangement.

8. Mrs D’s Flower Shop


Best For  Valentine’s Day gifts
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $29.99
Delivery Fee $10.00
Website https://www.mrsdsflowershop.com
Contact (863) 665-1011
Payment VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Mrs D’s Flower Shop also provides 24 hours delivery everyday. It takes pride on its fresh roses and from the heart arrangements. These are perfect when you want to send tokens to your Valentine partner. You can also find other types of flowers for other occasions.

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