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The 5 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Pattaya

Pattaya is known for its beautiful stretch of beaches that bring calming and relaxing ambiance to whoever stays here. Just like what flowers do, sharing love, expressing emotions, and sending messages that words could not utter. These florists in Pattaya are only some of your best options if you choose to send someone from Pattaya a fresh set of flowers.

Note: According to newspaper company Pattaya Mail, only essential services are open in Pattaya City such as food, pharmacies, supermarkets. This is to prevent the spread of the virus in the effort to keep everyone safe until further notice. Flower delivery services are hence closed for now, but we will let you know as soon as the temporary closing has been lifted.

1. Potico.co.th

Best ForBouquets
Price RangeStarts at B599
Delivery FeeCalculated upon checkout

Telephone: 096-297-0145

Email: [email protected]

Marketing and organization: [email protected]

PaymentPayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Western Union

At Potico.co.th, we embarked on a fragrant journey that left us with petals of praise and a sense of blooming satisfaction. This flower delivery service company stands as a bouquet of delightful surprises.

Our first impression was nothing short of impressive. The floral options on Potico.co.th are a vivid garden of variety, ensuring something for every occasion and every taste.

From elegant roses to exotic orchids, their catalog is a symphony of botanical elegance. We had a challenging time picking just one, as their selection is as diverse as a thriving garden.

Speed is of the essence in the world of flower delivery, and Potico.co.th doesn’t disappoint. The swift delivery service is akin to a floral express.

They make sure your floral sentiments reach their intended recipients in no time, preserving the element of surprise, just as every blossom preserves its unique grace.

Quality is where Potico.co.th truly shines. When our floral gifts arrived, we were greeted with a burst of colors and scents that danced in harmony.

The freshness of the blooms was a testament to their commitment to quality. It felt as if each petal had been carefully selected and placed with the precision of a floral virtuoso.

At Potico.co.th, we were pleasantly surprised to find that their prices are as delightful as their blooms. You get what you pay for, and then some, making the whole experience of sending flowers an affordable luxury.

However, they don’t offer discounts at the present. We advise checking their website from time to time for other affordable deals.

2. Isan Flowers

Best ForBouquets
Price RangeStarts at USD 7.99
Delivery FeeCalculated at checkout
Contact+66 38 421 773
PaymentPaypal, Discover, Bank, American Express, Visa, Mastercard

Isan Flowers is considered as one of the best options for florist in Pattaya because aside from their wonderful creations, they also have affordable rates. They also offer some gift items that they believe will be a good match for your choice of flowers.

3. Flower Design Pattaya

Best ForDeluxe flower and gift items
Price RangeContact the shop for the price list
Delivery FeeCalculated at checkout
Contact+66 81 909 2775

What makes Flower Design Pattaya one of the best options for flower delivery in Pattaya is that they do not only sell flower arrangements, but they also offer fruit baskets and artificial flowers to complete your floral package. If you want to know more of their offers, visit their website or give them a call.

4. Pattaya Florist

Best ForFlowers for all occasions
Price RangeStarts at $80
Delivery FeeCalculated at checkout
Contact[email protected]
PaymentVisa, Mastercard, American Express

Wants to send flowers but got no idea what to choose? Worry no more because with Pattaya Florist you are guaranteed to be properly assisted by their friendly staff. They also feature flower of the month so you would fairly have one clear option to choose from among hundreds of their collection.

5. Flowers-Pattaya

Best ForBouquets, Flower Boxes, etc.
Price RangeStarts at ฿970.00
Delivery FeeFree shipping
Contact061 947 4663 | [email protected]  

WhatsApp: +66 62 091 8409

PaymentPayPal, American Express, Discover, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, KBank

Flowers-Pattaya offers their premium flowers which are of simple arrangement yet classic in beauty. They make their own aesthetic design of bouquets, making their arrangements speak for themselves. 

In terms of quality, they pride themselves in 100% satisfaction that they guarantee to their customers. So far, many have commented on their professional service.

Moreover, we like that they can create personalized bouquets according to the preferences of their customers. They can recreate arrangements based on photos for a more affordable price. 

The flower shop operates from 8am to 8pm daily and customers can place their orders at any time. To add to this their delivery is free for the areas in Pattaya.