7 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Poland

July 3, 2019
Best Flower Delivery Poland

Even in the 21st century, Poland still feels unspoiled in all its entirety. Unspoiled in a way where nature is best preserved, loved, and well taken care of by the locals. Lovely mountains are covered with beautiful flora, which you can get yourself through the local florists. Below are our top picks:

1.    Poczta Kwiatowa

Best Flower Delivery Poland | Poczta Kwiatowa

BEST FOR Flowers for all occasions
PRICE RANGE €15 – €250
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE https://www.pocztakwiatowa.pl
INSTAGRAM @pocztakwiatowa_pl
CONTACT 22 828 95 95 | info@pocztakwiatowa.pl
PAYMENT Credit Card

Poczta Kwiatowa is a leader in florist trade and is a go-to for those who are looking for quality customer service. Their network associates over 1,000 florists in Poland, with each shop led by professionals backed by experience. Whether you’re sending flowers to family or yourself, Poczta offers elegant arrangements that suit your style.

2. Kwiaciarnia Flora

best flower delivery - Kwiaciarnia Flora


BEST FOR Wedding, office, and funeral flower delivery
PRICE RANGE Contact for prices
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://www.kwiaciarniaflora.com.pl
CONTACT +48 691 667 789 | biuro@kwiaciarniaFlora.com.pl
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Bank transfer

Kwiarciarnia Flora is a flower company which consists of several departments: Wedding Flower Service, Office Decoration Service, Funeral Service. On their website, you can see over 1000 pictures of their floral arrangements. Flowers delivered on weekdays are free.

3.  Kwiaciarnia Niebieska

Kwiaciarnia Niebieska - Best Florist in Poland

BEST FOR Flower bouquets
PRICE RANGE Contact for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE http://www.kwiaciarnia-niebieska.eu
CONTACT (62) 501-05-51
PAYMENT Bank transfer or “Mail Order” system

For over 25 years, Kwiaciarnia Niebieska has been preparing and delivering bouquets for every occasion. You can also premium gifts to your flowers such as alcohol or chocolates. Their staff is also able to talk in French, English, Spanish and German.

4.    Kwiaciarnia Cynamonowa

Best Flower Delivery Poland | Kwiaciarnia Cynamonowa

BEST FOR Bespoke bouquets and arrangements
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.kwiaciarniacynamonowa.pl
CONTACT 664 017 115 / 22 855 52 53 | marta.wieczorek@cynamonova.com
PAYMENT Major credit card

Kwiaciarnia Cynamonowa is a family business focusing on highlighting the natural beauty of flowers. They offer a wide range of floral products and services, including bouquets for all occasions, wedding flowers, corporate flowers, interior decor, wreaths etc. The dynamic duo of Cecylia and Marta merges their experience, talent and creativity to share with others the joy they derive from the beauty of nature.

5.    Kwiaciarnia Iza

Best Flower Delivery Poland | Kwiaciarnia Iza

BEST FOR Custom arrangements
SELECTION SIZE N/A, made-to-order
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.kwiaciarniaiza.euroflorist.pl
CONTACT 603 053 162 | bartosznowakowski@wp.pl
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Kwiaciarnia Iza sells a wide range of cut and potted flowers. You can buy original, exotic potted plants, natural bouquets, compositions in glass or wicker in accordance with the latest floral designs and trends. Kwiaciarnia Iza has a large selection of ceramic casings, wicker baskets, candles, gifts or greeting cards to complement the flowers. They also accept comprehensive floral styling for weddings, including the bouquet for the bride, buttonholes, flower arrangements for a wedding car, flower baskets or bouquets in thanks to parents, flower bracelets, glass compositions for wedding tables.

6.    Floristica

Best Flower Delivery Poland | Floristica

BEST FOR Luxe centerpieces
PRICE RANGE €30 – €100
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://floristica.net
CONTACT +48 (12) 429 16 10 | info@floristica.pl
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB

Floristica, located in Krakow on Szewska street, is the only professional flower shop in the city. You can find a range of floral arrangements, potted plants, as well as unique gift items and home and garden accents here. You can rest easy because the shop houses a professional yet friendly staff who are trained in traditional and modern floristry.

7.    Fortunato Warsaw

Best Flower Delivery Poland | Fortunato Warsaw

BEST FOR Luxury red roses
PRICE RANGE €15 – €150
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://fortunato.com.pl
INSTAGRAM @fortunato.warsaw
CONTACT +48 514 102 202 | sklep@fortunato.com.pl
PAYMENT Credit Card

Fortunato’s roses are characterized by “impressive looks, subtle character and elegance.” they are packaged in handmade boxes which you can use for a different purpose later. Give it as an expression of love, appreciation, gratitude or sympathy.




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