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Best Flower Delivery Russia

The 8 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Russia

To walk in an aisle full of rose petals, to wake up to the fragrance of lilies, and to dine with a vase of tulips in front of you is like living in a fairytale. Whenever you sniff a bouquet of flowers, do you feel it taking you to wonderland? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Well, dream no more because these florists Russia will surely take you to your own fairytale with their colorful and unique flower designs.

Note: Due to the lockdown imposed in Moscow, all flower shops located in the capital will remain closed until further notice. However, since a few shops here operate outside Moscow, we’ve noted some of their policy adjustments, should there be any.

1.  Russian Flowers


BEST FOR Speedy delivery
PRICE RANGE Starts at 1 180 ₽
DELIVERY FEE Calculated on checkout
WEBSITE https://rus-buket.ru/
CONTACT 8 (800) 333 0905
PAYMENT Contact for more details

Russian Flowers has been helping close people to give each other joy by delivering bouquets and gifts to anywhere in the world. They have the largest partner network in the world, covering more than 100 countries. You can order delivery to any city in the world from each branded salon “Russian Flowers,” and the recipient will have the flowers in a few hours.

2.   Flower Shop “Greenhouse”

Best Flower Delivery Russia | Greenhouse


BEST FOR Elegant, monochromatic bouquets
PRICE RANGE ₽3000-₽5000
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE http://teplitsaflowers.ru/
CONTACT +7 (4212) 94-05-04
PAYMENT Credit card, cash, transfers to Sberbank and VTB cards

Flower Shop “Greenhouse” caters to almost all types of social events. With their rare types of flowers and greeneries, they can surely make any occasion as elegant as their products. Aside from bouquets, they can also be your reliable partner in making boutonnieres, wreaths, and corsages.

3.   Flowers World

Best Flower Delivery Russia | Flowers World


BEST FOR Sakura, Roses
PRICE RANGE Starts at $40
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.flowersworld.ru/ru/moscow/eng/default.aspx
CONTACT +7(495) 411-11-21
PAYMENT Credit card, PayPal, Moscow cash, through bank, Web money, Yandex money

Flowers World is one of the famous flower shops in Russia. Their company owns a network of flower salons nationwide that are best known for their topnotch bouquets. They include free cards in every bouquet that you order to make the flowers more personalized. Flowers World also take a photo of your product and send it to you email to assure that they got your order according to your liking.

Note: It will remain closed until the lockdown measures have been eased down. Customers may visit their website to be updated.

4.   Megaflowers

Best Flower Delivery Russia | Megaflowers


BEST FOR Elegant bouquets
PRICE RANGE Starts at ₽1300
DELIVERY FEE Purchase above ₽5100- FREE
WEBSITE https://megaflowers.ru/
CONTACT +74955189417
PAYMENT Bank cards, electronic money, through terminals and cash registry

Whether you are sending out bouquet for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, Megaflowers is always ready to provide you with only the best ones. Their professional expertise in floral design is evident in their elegant and vibrant bouquets that are available for delivery in almost any city of Russian Federation.

5.   Florist.ru

Best Flower Delivery Russia | Florist.ru


BEST FOR Colorful, mixed bouquets
PRICE RANGE Starts at ₽1990
WEBSITE https://vladivostok.florist.ru/
CONTACT 8 800 200-40-70
PAYMENT Visa, Yandex money, cash courier, payment terminals

How awesome is it to find a flower shop that can attend to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? With Florist.ru anytime is a perfect time to deliver the freshest and most vibrant flowers to your special someone! They also offer a pretty good deal because their service and delivery charge are already incorporated in their selling price, so it is definitely a thrift.

Note: Due to the lockdown, it can’t deliver to places within Moscow until lockdown is lifted. On the other hand, customers outside the capital can place an order on the website.

6.   La Rose

Best Flower Delivery Russia | La Rose


BEST FOR Exotic, modern bouquets
PRICE RANGE ₽2000-₽6000
DELIVERY FEE Starts at ₽350
WEBSITE https://la-rose.ru/
CONTACT 8-800-600-1151
PAYMENT Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, cash upon receipt of the goods,

La Rose brings life and colors to their customers through their exotic and wonderfully made bouquets. Interestingly, the flowers that they use come from different countries around the world which are Holland, Ecuador, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Russia, Israel, Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Colombia. Aside from ready-made bouquets, La Rose also offers master classes for both adults and children to share their knowledge for those who have a heart for flowers.

7.   Flowers.st


BEST FOR Safe delivery
PRICE RANGE Starts at 1529 RUB
DELIVERY FEE Calculated on checkout
WEBSITE https://flowers.st/
CONTACT 8 (812) 408-07-81
PAYMENT Contact for more details

Flowers.st will help you make someone’s day with the help of their blooms. When you order from their shop, you can be sure that all their bouquets will be fresh and amazingly designed when they reach the recipient’s doorstep.

8.  Russia Flora


BEST FOR  100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
PRICE RANGE Starts at $95
WEBSITE https://www.russia-flora.com/
CONTACT [email protected]
PAYMENT PayPal, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Webmoney, Maestro, Discover/Novus, Direct Debit SEPA, UnionPay

Russia Flora started flower delivery in Russia, in 2007 from their head office in Moscow. Over the years, they have proudly influenced trends and designs on online flower stores for the past 13 years. They are proud to help their clients celebrate life by translating their messages into the beautiful language of fresh flowers. That is the goal that everyone in their team dedicates themselves to: sharing smiles