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5 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Surabaya

The 6 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Surabaya


Beautiful flowers are the perfect way to express love, appreciation, admiration and a host of other emotions. The great thing about bouquets and flower delivery in Surabaya, Indonesia is that you can choose flower varieties and floral arrangements to suit your reason for giving or to fit a specific occasion. Roses and tulips are classic choices for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions while lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums can be used to express sympathy and commiseration. So, for your next flower delivery in Surabaya, these are our top picks.

1.     Lilia Florist

Best Flower Delivery Surabaya | Lilia Florist


BEST FOR Lush arrangements for thematic events
PRICE RANGE IDR 10,100 – IDR 750,00
DELIVERY FEE Free delivery for orders IDR 300,000 and above
WEBSITE www.liliaflorist.com
INSTAGRAM @liliaflorist
CONTACT (031) 5933939 / 0811346893 / 085100921179 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Bank transfer

Holidays, feasts and festivals are made grander with flowers from Lilia Florist. This Surabaya florist has a whole selection of lush arrangements for festive occasions like Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Christmas Day. A holiday fruit basket, for instance, can benefit from gorgeous fresh flowers to make your holiday feast more sumptuous. Also check out their affordable hand bouquets available for same day delivery in Surabaya for orders place before 3pm.

2.     Oriza Florist

best flower delivery surabaya - oriza florist


BEST FOR Romantic flower arrangements
PRICE RANGE Enquire for costs
DELIVERY FEE Enquire for delivery options
WEBSITE http://orizaflorist.com
CONTACT 082240222256 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Enquire for payment options

If you are in need of floral consultation before ordering flowers for your special someone, contact Oriza Florist for their top recommendations. Their floral catalog contains romantically designed flower arrangements in red and pink shades.

3.     Lien Florist

Best Flower Delivery Surabaya | Lien Florist


BEST FOR Corporate flowers
PRICE RANGE Enquire for costs
WEBSITE www.liengallery.com
CONTACT +62 (0)31 – 567 7762 / +62 (0)31 – 563 3054 / +62 (0)31 – 568 3496 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Debit BCA

Lien Flower Market a leading retail flower supplier and wholesaler in Indonesia, including Surabaya. They are a full-service florist offering services such as floristry workshops, corporate events decoration, event organiser, expo contractor, interior design and wedding décor. You can check out their Instagram profile for their designs before reaching out to them for your orders. Their florist will craft a one-of-a-kind- arrangement for your needs.

4.     Sentrabunga

Best Flower Delivery Surabaya | Sentrabunga


BEST FOR Gorgeous, rose bouquets and affordable flower stands
PRICE RANGE USD 25.58 – USD 284.20
WEBSITE www.sentrabunga.com/surabaya
INSTAGRAM @sentrabungaflorist
CONTACT +62 21 75903343
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal

Sentrabunga has a lot of pretty, pastel-coloured arrangements especially table flowers and romantic arrangements. So, if you’re looking for dainty, feminine bouquets for your significant other, their floral designs are well worth your money. Plus, delivery in Surabaya is free so you don’t have to worry about shelling out extra cash for shipping.

5.     Bloomingfields

Best Flower Delivery Surabaya | Bloomingfields


BEST FOR Imported flowers
PRICE RANGE Enquire for costs
WEBSITE www.bloomingfields.id
INSTAGRAM @bloomingfields.id
CONTACT +62 21 530 6556 / +62 812 1063 3109 / +62 822 5855 5289 / +62 859 5953 6678 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Bank transfer, Mastercard, Visa

Founder Melania Tandio brings world-class flowers to Surabaya through Bloomingfields. This is best for creative and floristry enthusiasts looking to buy fresh flowers wholesale for an event. Bloomingfields is an importer and authorized distributor of fresh flowers from Holland, Ecuador, Japan, Africa and other various parts of the world to Surabaya flower lovers. You’ll find a wide array of options from Amarylis, Hydrangea and Tulips.

6.     Andraflorist Toko Bunga Papan Surabaya

BEST FORTraditional flower arrangements
PRICE RANGEEnquire for costs
DELIVERY FEE Free within area
CONTACT0897 9466 418
0897 9466 418
[email protected]

Andra Florist Toko Bunga Papan Surabaya is a floral shop that offers a wide range of floral arrangements for traditional Indonesian occasions online. They provide 24-hour support and accommodations for orders from their online flower shop as well.

It is observable that with their flower arrangements comes a customizable greeting board that clients can choose to avail and personalize according to the occasion it is used. However, there is a lack of additional item selection for gifting solutions and the like.

The whole website is in Indonesia and lacks direct translation which is highly inconvenient for clients unable to read and understand the language. While they do offer free flower delivery within the city, additional fees will be charged for clients outside the said area.

They have an online store readily in place at their website along with its customizable options that clients can avail themselves of. It could use revision however since prices do not directly show.