11 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Zurich

May 26, 2019
Best Flower Delivery Zurich

Sending flowers to someone sure is a romantic way of expressing oneself, but why don’t you try taking it to the next level— arts wise. It wouldn’t hurt trying new ideas to make the typical bouquet designs that you always used to get even more romantic and unique. Here’s some items for you that show the best and most artistic florists in Zurich.

1. Swiss FlowersBest Flower Delivery Indonesia | Her Flowers


BEST FOR Affordable, Instagram-ready colourful bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Free Same Day Delivery
WEBSITE www.swissflowers.co
CONTACT Contact Form
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bank transfer

Swiss Flowers is known for their beautiful contemporary bouquets that are also budget-friendly. Customers love their sleek and sophisticated hand bouquets filled with bountiful, rosy blooms without the hefty price tag. These rustic hand bouquets are wrapped in burlap and tied with a simple ribbon to allow the beautiful blooms to shine. You can easily send a care package of cheap flowers in gorgeous shades of pink, purple and white or wish someone a happy birthday with pastel-coloured roses and chrysanthemums. All these professionally handcrafted arrangements are available for free same day delivery in Zurich.

2. Marsano

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Marsano


BEST FOR Bouquets and special accessories
PRICE RANGE Starts at CHF 60,00
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE http://www.marsano.ch
CONTACT +41 44 211 17 32
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express

All occasions, no matter how simple becomes extraordinary when paired with good set of flowers. Marsano has varieties of options of elegant bouquets and other floral arrangements suited best for your luxurious events. They also offer accessories such as stuffed toys, wines, and chocolates to pair with your bouquets.

3. Floradesign

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Floradesign


BEST FOR Wreaths and bouquets for mourning
PRICE RANGE Requires personal consultation
DELIVERY FEE Free if purchased a minimum of CHF 100
WEBSITE https://www.blumenladen-zuerich.ch
CONTACT +41 (0)44 251 16 80
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard

Floradesign helps their customers express their grief by creating the best quality of funeral wreaths, coffin bouquets, and mourning arrangement. Losing a loved one is extremely painful, that is why Floradesign makes sure that they help bring comfort to their customers through their artistic floral designs.

4. Stil und Stiele

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Stil und Stiele


BEST FOR Customised floral arrangements
SELECTION SIZE N/A, depends on client needs
PRICE RANGE Contact the shop for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.stilundstiele.ch
INSTAGRAM @stilundstiele
CONTACT +41 44 422 44 28 | info@stilundstiele.ch
PAYMENT Credit cards and PayPal

Stil und Stiele (Style and Stems) is a full-service florist providing workshops, weddings and flower delivery. They specialise in helping customers find floral arrangements that reflect the emotions of both special occasions and the beauty of everyday flowers. They carry a small yet thoughtfully curated seasonal flowers and plants to ensure the freshest and finest quality. Stil und Stiele also sells jewelry and small antiques that reflect their heartfelt aesthetic. Stop by, call, or visit their website to begin our journey together.

5. Flowers for Zurich

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Flowers for Zurich


BEST FOR Any type of occasions
PRICE RANGE Starts at €46.2
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE http://www.flowers4zurich.com/
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

If you need a flower shop where you can shop all year round, Flowers for Zurich is the right store for you. They have a large collection of flowers that are ideal for any type of events, seasons, and reasons. Do not bother waste your time looking for different flowers at multiple stores, order yours now in Flowers for Zurich.

6. Valse des Roses

best flower delivery options in Zurich - Valse des Roses


BEST FOR Roses, seasonal, and orchid arrangements
PRICE RANGE Starts at CHF 30
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.valse-des-roses.ch/
CONTACT +044 888 92 42
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

Valse des Roses is an independent family flower shop founded by Martin Imbach that specializes in creating charming arrangements depending on the featured flowers of each season. Their lovely flower arrangements contain first-class quality flowers in any color, scent or form. They currently have four boutiques around the Lake of Zurich at the train stations of Richterswil, Stäfa, Thalwil, and Tiefenbrunnen.

7. Panamy

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Panamy


BEST FOR Flowers for gifts
PRICE RANGE Starts at CHF 69
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.panamy.ch
CONTACT +41 22 328 21 74 | info@panamy.com
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express

Panamy combines elegance and artistry in their products making them one of the best options if you are looking for a perfect gift. Unlike the typical hand-tied bouquets or vase arrangements, Panamy uses vasebox to add posh to their floral designs. These vasebox are enclosed in an elegantly-looking shipping box that is really perfect for gifts or souvenirs.

8. Christian Felix Zürich

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Christian Felix Zürich


BEST FOR Upscale Floral Designs; Interior Design; Events Designs
SELECTION SIZE N/A, Bespoke floral styling
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
WEBSITE www.christian-felix.com
INSTAGRAM @christianfelixzurich
CONTACT +41 44 212 11 80 / +41 43 497 37 71 | info@christian-felix.com

Christian Felix Zürich specialises in flowers for events and interior designs. Owner Christian Felix is a trained gardener and florist with a keen eye for style, spaces and presentation. The Flower Boutique part of the business offer a wide range of floral designs and compositions, from a simple bunch of flowers to elegant centrepieces and flower subscription for residential or commercial purposes.

9. Daily-Flowers

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Daily-Flowers


BEST FOR All kinds of events
WEBSITE https://www.daily-flowers.ch
CONTACT +41 58 255 01 02
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard

Daily-Flowers go beyond of what is expected of them. Aside from providing fresh, high quality bouquets, they also offer additional accessories that will complement their flower products such as chocolates and scented candles. From the looks of it, they almost deliver one whole package of a romantic date!

10. Blumen Kramer

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Blumen Kramer


BEST FOR Flower arrangements for weddings and funerals
PRICE RANGE Personal inquiry
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon placement of order
WEBSITE http://www.blumenkraemer.ch
CONTACT +41 44 211 78 10
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard

Blumen Kramer offers quite a handful collection of flowers suited best for weddings and funerals. Although the two events that they specialize with do not really complement each other, they still manage to provide high quality of work by using only the freshest flowers.

11. Roses de Luxe

Best Flower Delivery Zurich | Roses de Luxe


BEST FOR Rose boxes
PRICE RANGE Starts at CHF 89
WEBSITE https://rosesdeluxe.ch/
CONTACT +41 76 309 72 99
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express

We often hear “bouquet of roses” or “box of chocolates” but never a box of roses. With Roses de Luxe, it is actually quite not true as they offer it themselves! Shift from the typical and ordinary rose arrangements and try these preserved roses carefully put together in a box to form an even more romantic vibe.


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