5 Best Options for Fruit Baskets in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country best known for its nice beaches and humid weather. During the summer, it is nice to be in the beach while having your favorite tropical fruit. Good thing, lots of shops in Malaysia offer unlimited options of fruit baskets. To know more where you can buy one, keep on reading this article on the best options of fruit baskets in Malaysia.

1. MBG Fruit Shop


Best For Fresh and dried fruits
Selection Large
Price Range Starts at RM 92
Delivery Fee Calculated at checkout
Website https://mbg.com.my/collections/fruit-basket
Contact 016-2275602
Payment Visa, Mastercard

MBG Fruit Shop has lots of fruity options to offer. Not only they sell traditional fresh fruit baskets, they also serve fruit baskets, fruits juices, and dried fruits. More importantly these products are sold at very affordable prices so there is no excuse for you not to take your natural vitamins everyday.

2. FarEastFlora.com


Best For Boxed fruits
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at RM 144
Delivery Fee
Website https://www.fareastflora.com.my/hampers/fresh-fruity.html
Contact +603 2284 7808
Payment Visa, Mastercard, PayPal

We bet you would be delighted to know that the fruits baskets of FarEastFlora.com are not only sold for consumption alone but also a gifts! They package their fruit products to be as presentable to make sure all their clients are satisfied with their orders.

3. Giftr


Best For Fruits and Flora
Selection Medium
Price Range Starts at RM 129
Delivery Fee
Website https://giftr.my/collections/fruit-basket
Contact +6019 359 6194
Payment Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Giftr is an online marketplace specifically for gift items, including fruits baskets, for all types of occasions. They understand that sending gifts to someone is a special gesture that needs careful decisions and attention to details. Plus, their prices are relatively reasonable.

4. Floresta


Best For Traditional Fruit Baskets
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at RM 100
Delivery Fee Starts at RM 15
Website http://www.floresta.com.my/fruit-basket
Contact +60-3 2162 9866
Payment Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, MolPay, Webcash, Mobile Money, Meps Cash, Eon Bank, Maybank

Floresta has been providing fresh fruit baskets in Malaysia for more than 9 years. Their traditional fruit baskets are mostly composed of high quality fresh fruits that will surely make your day even better and sweeter. If you want to know more of their products, check out their website.

5. Bloom


Best For Fruits and flowers
Selection Large
Price Range Starts at RM 130
Delivery Fee Free
Website https://www.bloom.com.my/category/special-occasion/get-well
Contact +603-6789 6000
Payment Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Maybank, Public Bank, Cimb bank, PayPal, American Express

Bloom’s Fruit baskets are far from ordinary because not only they put fresh fruits inside the baskets, but they also include fresh flowers for added color and beauty. They make sure that whoever receives their fruit baskets would be delighted and hopefully leaves a big smile on their faces.

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