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The 8 Best Options for Fruit Baskets in Ottawa


A diet without a fruit is not healthy at all. Thus, we need nutrients that we can get from different types of fruits which you can buy from the local market. Here is the list of the best options for fruit baskets in Ottawa. Scroll down and choose among the shops below.

1. Cranberry Corners Gift Basket


Best For Fresh fruit baskets
Selection Size Small
Price Range Starts at $70.00
Delivery Fee Day Rate: $10.00

Evening Rate: $12.00

Website https://www.cranberrycornersgiftbaskets.com
Contact 613-733-2828 | 1-866-509-1100

[email protected]

Payment VISA, MasterCard, AMEX

Cranberry Corners Gift Basket is dedicated to create a gift basket which you may order for your loved ones. It offers various selection which is perfect in any occasion like when you’re with large group of people. Furthermore, the basket comes with other gourmet products that you can enjoy.

2. Givopoly Ottawa


Best For Fruit Buouquets
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $55.00
Delivery Fee
Website https://ottawa.givopoly.com
Contact 1-800-948-8216/[email protected]
Payment VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal

Another shop where you can buy fruit basket is Givipoly Ottawa. You can select from the choices available from the site. In addition to fresh fruits, the shop has fruit arrangement drizzled with chocolates which are all ready-to-eat.

3. Edible Arrangements



Best For Fruit Bouquets
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $49.99
Delivery Fee $15.99
Website https://www.ediblearrangements.ca
Instagram https://instagram.com/ediblearrangements/
Contact 203-774-5357
Payment VISA, MasterCard, AMEX

If you love sweets and fruits, then you can visit Edible Arrangements for their well-arranged food items. Like Givopoly, it offers baskets containing fruits which are already peeled. What’s more is they partnered it with other chocolates.

4. Fruit Couture


Best For Made-to-order fruit
Selection Size Large
Price Range Starts at $45.00
Delivery Fee $12.00
Website https://fruitcouture.ca/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fruitcouture/
Contact (613) 366-5322/[email protected]
Payment VISA, Maestro, AMEX, PayPal

There’s also Fruit Couture which you may rely on in terms of fresh fruits. This is an online shop which serves different items that can be given as a gift or token. They have a wide selection of made-to-order fruit gourmets and other food baskets that you will enjoy.

5. Canada Flowers


Best For Fruit Basket
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $65.00
Delivery Fee calculated upon checkout
Website https://www.canadaflowers.ca
Contact 1-888-705-9999/
Payment Credit Card

Aside from crafting nice flower bouquets, Canada Flowers also provides fruits baskets. They have fresh, seasonal, and delicious fruits in one basket. All of which are arranged by their local florist and attended with care.

6. Weekly Flowers


Best For Fresh Fruit Basket
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $49.99
Delivery Fee Calculated upon checkout
Website https://www.weeklyflowers.com
Contact 613-748-0000/800-943-4554

/[email protected]

Payment VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, Novus

Another flower shop that offers fruit basket is Weekly Flowers. It allows customer to select from the available pre-made gourmet boxes from their site. They can also combine fruits and flowers to come up with an exquisite arrangement for your loved ones.

7. Bloomex


Best For Fruit Baskets
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $39.99
Delivery Fee Same Day – $19.98

Next Day – $14.99

Morning Delivery $18.98

Evening Delivery $16.99

Website https://bloomex.ca
Contact 1-888-912-5666
Payment Credit Card

Bloomex takes pride on its connection with grassroots community organizations, other non-profit organization, and charity institution. They have the best seasonal fruits around the locality which are arranged artistically. You can place an order from their site and have it delivered to your place or to someone else.

8. The Sweet Basket


Best For Fruit Basket Arrangement
Selection Size Medium
Price Range Starts at $60.95
Delivery Fee FREE  2-6 business days

$3.99 1-5 business days (major cities)

$23.99 1 business day

$44.99 Saturday delivery

Website https://www.thesweetbasket.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thesweetbasket
Contact 1.866.683.3885
Payment VISA, MasterCard, Interac, Discover, PayPal,

 Last we have The Sweet Basket. True to its name, the shop provides sweet and fresh fruits which are healthy and delicious at the same time. Each of their basket contains colorful arrangement of fruits like oranges, pears, and pineapples. Further, you can subscribe to their monthly Fruit Gift Basket Club for some special gift.