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4 Flowers and Herbs That Keep Pests Away

Even if most or all your plants are healthy in the backyard, pests can still come around. These irksome bugs include mosquitoes, rats, roundworms, aphids, larvae, and more.

If left alone, they can ravage plants in many ways, eventually causing them to wither and die. And controlling them isn’t easy since killing or removing each pest requires specific treatment.

The best solution is to always use a natural, non-toxic spray for the safety of everyone and the plants. Another is to get or display insect-repelling plants to protect your plants all year round.

Anyhow, the latter is what we are going to tackle in this guide. So scroll down to see some of the flowers and herbs that can keep pests away in your yard or landscaping!

1) Lavender


Lavender is an excellent all-around insect-repelling plant. Its herbal scent keeps away mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and moths in your garden or inside your house!

Belonging to the mint family, it has a vertical cluster of flowers on a long-stalked plant. It has a range of calming colors of violet, pink, yellow, and white, among other shades.

Given this, you can stylishly adorn your home with lavenders on a vase. You can also enjoy its natural and delicate aroma which can help lower stress, mitigate headache pain, and improve sleep.

2) Chrysanthemums


If insects love to feast on your garden, you should add chrysanthemums to your list of plants. They naturally contain pyrethrin, which is a substance toxic to a wide range of pests.

They can ward off lice, bedbugs, ants, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Besides that, they can stop spider mites, Japanese beetles, ticks, and other plant pests.

Because of the potent chemical, the flowers are best planted as borders at your home. This way, you can be protected from bites, allergies, and viruses, and you can also appreciate their beauty daily!

3) Marigolds


These sunny globe flowers can be grown near your other flowers and greenery. They emit a strong scent that’s repulsive to pests like mosquitoes, cabbage worms, and other critters.

But these blooms attract beneficial insects too. One of which is the amazing ladybug.

Ladybugs are garden insect predators that kill and eat aphids, scales, mealy bugs, mites, leafhoppers, and more.

A fun fact: having an orange or yellow color, marigolds are representative of the sun. They are a symbol of strength, power, and hope, making them very nice to have at your home.

4) Basil


Basil keeps flies and mosquitoes away from you in the hot summer months. It is an annual aromatic herb that is native to tropical Asia.

Simply put basil on your plant pots or containers to repel the aforementioned flying insects. You can also crush and rub the herb onto your skin or clothes while staying outdoors or gardening.

Apart from that, growing basil is fantastic, as it allows you to enhance the flavor and aroma of your recipes, sauces, or marinades as well as add an interesting variety to your meals.

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