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Best Flower Delivery Kajang

The 8 Best Options for Florists in Kajang

Sending someone a set of flowers is one way of creatively sending a simple yet sweet message. But are you sure that you’re sending the right message? Flowers do not universally convey love and admiration. Each type of flower and kind of arrangement also convey various thoughts. A mix of the right colors, flower type, foliage, and form could make the perfect flower arrangement to express your emotions.

To help you decide which flower and what kind of arrangement to send, we have listed the top 5 best options for florists in Kajang.

Note: Due to the extension of the Movement Control Order, some flower shops in our list have likewise extended their service limitations. Some are still implementing shortened delivery hours, no store pickups, and the like.

Where applicable, we’ve updated the descriptions of the shops with notable policies during the MCO.

1. 101 Florist Sdn. Bhd.


Best For Floral Basket
Selection Medium
Price Range Starts at RM 180
Delivery Fee RM 50
Website http://www.cannyflorist.com/tnc/
Contact +60 3-8736 3631
Payment Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Bank Transfer

101 Florist Sdn. Bhd. offers a medium collection of Floral Baskets that may be sent as gift or a simple ornament at home. Aside from these, they also cater to other kind of arrangements and they even make custom-made ones for weddings.

2. KCH Florist


Best For Wrapped bouquets
Selection Small
Price Range  
Delivery Fee Varies depending on the location
Website https://www.facebook.com/KchFlorist/
Contact +60 12-380 2733

KCH Florist offers fancy arrangements such as wrapped bouquets with stuffed toys, all depending on the preference of the buyer. For them, it is important that all their customers are satisfied with their flower products that is why they make sure to provide flowers only of high quality.

3. Smitaas Flower & Catering


Best For Flowers for any occasion
Selection Small
Price Range  
Delivery Fee  
Website http://smitaasflowercatering.business.site/
Contact +60 16-902 7947

Smitaas Flowering and Catering ensures that their service is in good hands by filtering their design team. They make sure that everyone in their team is equally talented, creative, and has keen eye for details. That’s why their end products are usually top notch. They also like to experiment with their designs; they create different flower designs like classic, trendy, and weirdly beautiful.

4. Win Florist & Gifts


Best For Elegant bouquets
Selection Small
Price Range  
Delivery Fee Varies depending on the location
Website https://www.facebook.com/winfloristandgifts/
Contact +60 12-670 8266

If you are looking for a flower shop that could satisfy your need for elegant bouquets, Win Florist and Gifts is your best choice. Although they have a relatively small collection, their flower products are critically chosen and arranged by their most trusted designers.

Note: Win Florists & Gifts continues to deliver flowers even with the MCO. Customers may send in their orders through Facebook.

5. Hanna Petals


Best For Basket arrangements
Selection Small
Price Range  
Delivery Fee  
Website https://www.instagram.com/hanna_petals/
Contact +60 10-239 8799
Payment Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfers

Basket arrangements are undeniably one of the prettiest flower arrangements there is because of the color that it brings and the calmness that comes with it. This joy is most definitely multiplied if you buy yours from Hanna Petals. You may check their Instagram page to see their featured products.

6. MyFloraland


Best For Above-average aesthetic floral arrangements
Selection Large
Price Range Starts at RM 68
Delivery Fee Free Same Day Delivery for an order before 3 pm
Website https://www.myfloraland.com/
Contact +60 18-907 4190 | [email protected]
Payment Contact for more details

MyFloraland aims to be an online and offline platform that share their passion in a florist firm and they specialize in creatively crafted blooms for any occasion. Their signature style of crafted bouquet is guaranteed to evoke happy thoughts and sweet moments of love.

In MyFloraland, all the flowers are handcrafted and well-treated with a keen eye and years of experience by their in-house florist. They love to be part of your celebrations with their best flower arrangements for all occasions and because life is beautiful and is always filled with surprises, they want to bring your loved one the moments of beautiful surprises every time!

7. Glammy Gift & Florist


Best For Bouquet Creation
Selection Large
Price Range RM69 – RM500
Delivery Fee Shipping fee depends once the ordering form has been filled out.
Website https://www.glammygifts.com/
Contact 010 299 2622 / 010 299 2722
[email protected]
Payment Maybank – TAN YEE MAN 112353189740
CIMB – TAN YEE MAN 7009838476

Glammy Gift Florist started back in 2014 with two locations in Malaysia to this date. The company was established as an online-based seller that delivers the best and special flowers at your door.

By making unique designs to intrigue the customer’s eye for floral parties or even designate them as gifts to bring happiness and make a person’s day better.

8. Flower Garage

Best ForFloral Bouquets
SelectionSmall – Medium
Price RangeStarts at RM 45
Delivery FeeCalculated at checkout
Contact 014 666 9841 / [email protected]
PaymentFPX (SL Payments)

The Flower Garage is a home-based florist store that provides fresh, high-quality products at an affordable price. They also have custom-made bundles and add ons to choose from to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Their flower arrangements also cater to a variety of occasions such as graduations, weddings, funerals, and the like.  Regular promos are also available to make the client’s shopping more affordable and within the budget.  They are open all week and also offer same-day delivery and are able to utilize common social media applications in order to track the client’s order and give feedback. Furthermore, the staff is detail-oriented and professionals in flower arrangement which satisfies the customer’s desired product.