The 12 Best Options for Flowers in Argentina

The 12 Best Options for Flowers in Argentina


Argentina, also known as the Silver Country, is endowed with a flourishing flora and fauna in its different regions. With more than 10% of the flora varieties growing in this beautiful nation, Argentina is also home to these talented florists where you can order fresh flower arrangements for personal events and celebrations:

1. BA Loves Blooms


BEST FOR Fresh bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Free delivery
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Amex (soon)

Have happiness delivered in just a few hours with the help of BA Loves Blooms. Their team has developed bespoke presentation boxes to reflect the beauty of the flowers inside while still protecting every petal.

2. Florería Ambar Flores Argentina

best flower delivery argentina - Florería Ambar Flores Argentina


BEST FOR Lily varieties
CONTACT  +(54 11) 4571-2723
PAYMENT PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex

Does you or your recipient love lilies? Then you’re in for a treat! Ambar Flores has exotic varieties of lilies such as Madonna and Peruvian lilies. They also have other flower varieties in store as well as house plants including lucky bamboo and orchids.

3. Flores Fres

best flower delivery argentina - Fres Flores


BEST FOR Spring bouquets
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
CONTACT 11 4173-5751 / 11 5060-7678
PAYMENT Credit cards

If you want bright and cheerful flower arrangement, you’ll love spring bouquets from Fres Flores. Their spring bouquets comes in different styles and sizes. They have elongated and mini spring bouquets, and they also have arrangements that contain multicolored gerberas and dozens of white coves.

4. Your Garden Flowers

best flower delivery argentina - your garden flowers

BEST FOR Flowers in a box
PRICE RANGE AR$600 – AR$3500
CONTACT +54 9 11 4806-2506 | +54 9 11 2771-0291
PAYMENT Credit/Debit Card, PayPal

For an extra fancy and portable flower arrangement, check out flowers in a box from Your Garden Flowers. They don’t just offer roses in a box—they can sell alstroemerias, carnations, and lilies that can be combined with chocolates or champagne.

5. Flores Dany

best flower delivery argentina - Flores Dany


BEST FOR Traditional bouquets
PRICE RANGE AR$539.10 – AR$3,299
CONTACT +54 11 4512 6100 |
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

You can never go wrong with sending bouquets for celebratory events, and Flores Dany offers a variety of designs and colors to suit your tastes. They  also have combination packages such as bouquets with teddies, chocolates, and mugs.

6. Flores & Frutas

best flower delivery argentina - flores & frutas


BEST FOR Ikebana (fusion)
PRICE RANGE Contact the store for prices
CONTACT (45) 9 8815-7264
PAYMENT Bank transfer

Fusing the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement with flower varieties such as roses, Flores & Frutas continue to wow their customers with charming design styles. To reserve your flowers, contact the shop via WhatsApp (through the contact number).

7. The Flowers Company

best flower delivery argentina - the flowers company


BEST FOR Flowers in a bag/purse/wooden box
PRICE RANGE AR$1,300 – AR$7,300
CONTACT 4522.4500
PAYMENT Contact the store for payment options

Take your flowers with you the fashionable way! The Flower Company has an interesting collection of flowers placed in woven bags, Hindu purse, and wooden boxes. These products are just part of their huge catalog, which contain big bouquets and premium flower arrangements.

8. Blumm Flower Boutique

best flower delivery argentina - blumm flower boutique


BEST FOR Flower vases
PRICE RANGE AR$1,700 – AR$4,200
CONTACT +54 11 4809-8629
PAYMENT Contact the store for prices

Blumm Flower Boutique is a Floral Design Company whose style is “free and poetic”, reflective of the florists’ memories of the Argentine countryside, the studies of history and art, as well as landscaping with passion and beauty. When it comes to their flower vases, all you need to do when ordering is to specify your preferred height for the flowers since they can create tiny vases to towering ones filled with blooms.

9. Flores Express

best flower delivery argentina - flores express


BEST FOR Magic roses
CONTACT 54 (011) 4788-9185 |

The sweetest shades of roses come in red or pink, but how about colors that show how you’re unique? Flores Express has a “magic roses” collection containing light blue, black, and even green-colored roses! Open daily, Flores Express is ready to take your orders from Monday to Sunday.


10. Floreria Look


BEST FOR Flowers with gifts
PRICE RANGE Starts from $ 14.39 to $122.06 (USD)
CONTACT Tel.: +549 2916425555 | Email:
PAYMENT Mercado Pago, PayPal, or Bank Transfer

Floreria Look is a flower shop in the town of Bahia Blanca that sells a wide range of items. These include flowers, plants, chocolates, teddy bears, and gifts.

Their flower arrangements are made with fresh and high-quality materials on the same day of its delivery. The florists try their best to make the design as the same as possible to the current catalog depending on the availability of items.


11. Flores Scorpio


BEST FOR Fresh and Natural Flowers
PRICE RANGE Starts from $650 to $3550
DELIVERY FEE Contact for more information
CONTACT Tel.: (+54) 0341 439-2711

WhatsApp: (+54) 9341 719-2315

Email: Contacto@Floresscorpio.Com.Ar

PAYMENT Mercado Pago, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Provincia Pagos, Link, Banelco, Rapi Pago

Flores Scorpio has been partnered with Argentine Chamber of Florists since 1993. Florists in their store have over 36 years of experience in the floral business in the city of Rosario. 

Their works are always made sure to consist of top-quality natural flowers. They also strive to understand each client by providing a range of solutions.


12. Regiacasa


BEST FOR Unique bouquets made from alive or dried flowers
PRICE RANGE $600 – $4 100
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at Checkout
PAYMENT Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, PayPal, Banelco, Cabal, Naranja, Tarjeta Shopping, Mercado Pago, ArgenCard, Nativa, RapiPago

Regiacasa was created in 2013 and the idea was born during a trip through the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands whilst walking its streets, its flower shops, its cafes, and restaurants. In Amsterdam, the flowers, their aromas, colors and textures stand out, along with the decorative objects and are always accompanied by good music.

Regiacasa was conceived as a space where buying flowers is an experience and their style is wild and uncontracted flower arrangements.

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