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The 9 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Jerusalem

Did you know that in Holland, a few hundred years ago, tulips were more prized than gold? Although they’re not as expensive today, they’re still valued for their beauty and symbolism. If you’re looking to get flowers in Jerusalem, here are 6 of your best options.

Note: Due to the current pandemic outbreak and national state of emergency, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Most stores are still accepting online or phone orders as well as deliveries.

1. Israel Harmony Flowers

Israel Harmony Flowers


BEST FOR Cheap delivery fee
PRICE RANGE Starts from 119
DELIVERY FEE Flower delivery to Jerusalem is only 20 ILS
WEBSITE https://www.flowersale.co.il/en/send-flowers-to-jerusalem/
WHATSAPP +972535700440
CONTACT +972-535-700-440
[email protected]
PAYMENT OPTIONS All credit cards and PayPal

With Israel Harmony Flowers, you have the chance to choose from different types of flower bouquets that suits the best for your occasion. We can recommend them because they do not only have flower bouquets, but they also have floral arrangements, blooming plants, fruits, wines, chocolates, and cakes!

Unlike other shops, they offer an amazing deal. If you purchase orders above 180 ILS, you will get a free flower delivery! However, if you don’t reach 180 ILS, their delivery fee is only 20 ILS which is super affordable.

2. Bamboo Flower Shop


BEST FOR Luxurious-looking designs
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at 160 NIS
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.bambooflowershop.com/
CONTACT 972-2-652-4233
PAYMENT OPTIONS Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

Bamboo Flower Shop is a local florist located in HaMelits Street, Jerusalem. They source most of their flowers and plants locally, but a handful of flora come internationally from Holland! Their selections are all-organic. This means they don’t use chemical fertilizers or medicine on their flowers.

3. Avia Flowers


BEST FOR Traditional designs
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at 120 NIS
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.zerli.co.il/
CONTACT 972-2-652-6868
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

Avia Flowers makes it easy for you to order flowers. With their 24/7 order-taking service, you can place your orders whenever it’s convenient for you. They are located in Bed Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.

4. Dalia Flowers


BEST FOR Personalized service
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at 60 NIS
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.daliaflowers.co.il/
INSTAGRAM @dalia_flowers_jerusalem
CONTACT 972-2-652-4596
PAYMENT OPTIONS American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

Dalia Flowers is a small flower shop located in King George Street. They are a trusted small business, as they’ve been in the floral industry in 1934.  The owners, David and Sylvia, trained in the Netherlands to study interlacing and flower arrangements.

5. ZER4U


BEST FOR Freshest flowers upon delivery
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at 85 NIS
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.zer4u.co.il/
CONTACT 972-2-652-4486
PAYMENT OPTIONS Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express

If you’re looking for the freshest, longest lasting flowers, ZER4U is for you. They make sure to take care of their flowers from cutting to delivery. In-store, they have full conservation. All their truck are air conditioned to ensure optimum temperature for the flowers.

6. Pine and Clover Floral Event Design


BEST FOR Luxury designs
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Depends on type and design
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.pineandclover.com/
INSTAGRAM @pineandcloverflowers
CONTACT 972-58-444-6676
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

Pine & Clover Floral and Event Design is the best choice if you have a special occasion coming up. They’re one of the best options for parties and events, as they customize each order according to your needs.

7. Aleh Koteret Flower Boutique


BEST FOR Flower and chocolate combinations
SELECTION SIZE Small, medium and large
PRICE RANGE Starts at 150 NIS
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE https://www.aleh-koteret.co.il/
CONTACT 972-2-566-5763
PAYMENT OPTIONS Major credit cards

Aleh Koteret Flower Boutique is a local flower shop located in Le Israel Street, Jerusalem. They’re your best choice if you’re planning a romantic dinner, anniversary or birthday. Apart from fresh flowers, they offer a wide variety of chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. Blanka

BEST FORClassic designs
SELECTION SIZESmall, medium and large
PRICE RANGEStarts at 135₪
CONTACT09-951-4940 / 054-811-7464 / 0765-100-296
PAYMENT OPTIONSVisa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Western Union, Money Gram,  Unistreem

Blanka is a flower shop in Herzliya that caters to flower needs for a wide array of occasions such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and the like. They also ensure that they have adequate facilities in delivering flowers from one place to another to ensure that the quality of the flowers is in tip-top shape. 

We think this flower shop is ideal for those abroad and looking to send flowers to their loved ones as they are offering many convenient payment options that the customers can choose from. Each bouquet is also professionally made and arranged for every occasion that the customer describes to the staff. 

In case you need an emergency gift, we think that if you simply browse their website, you will be able to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

9. Your Flowers by Mikhal

BEST FORAll Occasion
DELIVERY FEEDepends on location
CONTACT050-3723763 | [email protected]
PAYMENT OPTIONSVisa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express

Consider Your Flowers by Mikhal as your one-stop-shop for all your floral needs. Aside from flowers, they also offer chocolate packages, balloons, and stuffed bears that can also be a perfect gift for your loved one.

Apart from having selling arrangements, they also accept to provide flower designs in events such as Bar Mitzvah, Designer Leah Hoffman, and private events. If you are on a budget yet still want amazing service, consider adding them to your list.

If talking about weddings, they can also help you. Whether you are the bride or the groom, they offer flowers that will surely surprise your other half.

In comparison to other shops, their operating hours are from 9:00 to 15:00 on Sundays to Thursdays and on Fridays and holiday evenings is from 9:00 – 14:00. Their physical shop is located at 23 Ahavat Israel 9062200 Kokhav Ya’acov.