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Best Flower Delivery in Kazakhstan

Fresh and gorgeous blooms have their own way of making people smile or comforting someone. If you’re not sure what to buy for your loved one’s special day, you might want to consider giving him/her a flower bouquet!

Luckily, we’ve searched around the island and found the top florist shops known for providing the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan!

Read our selections below to know more about them!

1.  Kazakhstan Flower Delivery

Kazakhstan Flower Delivery's Vase Design
SPECIALTYArtistic Floral Arrangements, Corporate Events Floral Services, Flower Gift Combos, Islandwide delivery service
DELIVERY FEE        Almaty – Free delivery service Astana/Shymkent/Karaganda – $10 Taraz/Aktobe/Pavlodar – $15 Oskemen/Semey/Oral – $20 Other cities in Kazakhstan – $30
WEBSITE      https://www.kazakhstanflowerdelivery.com/
CONTACT DETAILS           +372 5940 82 51

At Kazakhstan Flower Delivery, only the finest and freshest sets of flowers are delivered daily, ensuring that there’ll always be delightful blooms available any time of the day!

They’re known for creating floral designs for arts and corporate events, so for those who are planning a grand celebration, they’ve got the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan.

Their in-house talented and master floral designers can make stunning, harmonious, and unique floral arrangements. You can find different colours of roses styled in hand-tied bouquets in their selections, as well as seasonal flower baskets arranged with splendid concepts.

Though they have limited collections, each of their floral combinations represents a certain season or a mood, so you’ll absolutely enjoy browsing through their catalogue. In just one glance, you can immediately know which arrangement suits your loved one the most.

If you think that a set of flowers is not enough, you can add other gift items as well. A gift set of 2 to 3 items can be delivered together—you can choose among chocolates, cakes, wines, fruits, and stuff toys.

This shop offers same-day delivery service which is highly convenient for customers who are in a rush. They even provide a free greeting card for every order, which lets you instantly personalise your gift with a thoughtful message.

Their delivery services are available nationwide. If your location is not included on their list, they can still accommodate your orders and make sure that their trusted partner florists will deliver the order at your doorstep.

You’ll also love their great deals, especially if you’re worried about high delivery fees. Unlike most shops, they don’t charge a shipping fee for flower deliveries to Almaty!


  • Provides fresh flowers available daily
  • Full-service online florist shop
  • Free greeting card on every order
  • 7-days-a-week delivery service
  • Same-day delivery service
  • No shipping fee for delivery service in Almaty
  • Provides full-refund services


  • Delivery charges on other cities can be a bit pricey
  • Limited flower collections


  • Hand-tied Rose Bouquets ($69.95 – $147.95)
  • Wine and Flowers Gift Combo ($45.95)
  • Chocolates and Flowers Gift Combo ($59.95)
  • Cake and Flowers Gift Combo ($59.95)
  • Stuff Toy and Flowers Gift Combo ($62.95 – $92.95)
  • Fruits and Flowers Gift Combo ($124.95)

Customer Reviews

Most customers shared satisfying experiences with Kazakhstan Flower Delivery. They said that they’ve received beautiful bouquets which are delivered on time!

They also complimented the fast and reliable delivery service. This is why many locals claim that the shop has truly the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan.

A customer posted this feedback:

“My delivery to Almaty was just beautiful, a lovely surprise for my friend’s birthday. The flower bouquet looked more beautiful than the picture on your website. Delivered on time and what a great service! Thank you, I will use your service again!”

Delivery and Payment

2checkout, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, UCB

2.  My Global Flowers

My Global Flowers' Vase Design
SPECIALTYMinimalist Yet Creative Designs, Custom-made Arrangements, Personalised Additional Items
DELIVERY FEE        $10
WEBSITE      https://myglobalflowers.com/
SOCIAL MEDIAInstagram, Facebook
CONTACT DETAILS           +4420 3514 2981

In their best seller collections, most of the floral arrangements feature monotone schemes and limited combinations of colours. This just shows that My Global Flowers can make charming and lovely designs just by using a few shades and selective flowers.

Apart from classic bouquets, they have floral baskets perfect for get-well-soon greetings or congratulatory gifts. They also have hatbox arrangements that come with a stuffed toy, wine, or chocolates!

To make your table set-up more festive, they have centrepieces suitable for both formal or casual dining.

Aside from making floral arrangements, they’re also famous for their innovative gift basket designs. Each basket features a themed set of florals that compliments the gift item—you can pick among sweet treats, wines, fruits, perfumes, plush toys, balloons, and more.

Unlike most florist shops that offer only a certain set of additional items, this place can accommodate special requests which let you include any kind of gift to the bouquet—even a gift you’ve personally purchased.

If you’ve already thought of a specific arrangement, you can also ask for a customised bouquet. They have floral experts who’ll design your ideal bouquet and ensure that everything matches your budget.

As soon as you’ve placed an order, you can monitor the status of delivery via email. If you’d like to change your orders, you can make a request but only within 48 hours before delivery.

For those who want to surprise their loved ones, you can ask the team to only reveal the sender and gift details through the greeting cards. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

Compared to the previous shop, My Global Flowers offers more selections, amounting to 200 enchanting bouquets. They also continue to add new and original items, so make sure to always check out their catalogue!


  • Provides 24/7 delivery service
  • Same-day delivery service
  • Discounts on first order
  • Offers free bouquet replacement service within 24 hours
  • Free greeting card on each bouquet only
  • Rewards program for loyal clients


  • High delivery fees on some cities
  • Additional late-night delivery charge


  • Rose Bouquets ($24 – $177)
  • Floral Baskets – ($53 – $228)
  • Hat Boxes – ($68 – $255)
  • Flower Bags – ($68 – $190)
  • Table Centerpieces ($57 – $132)
  • Flowers and Chocolates Gift Combo ($92 – $233)
  • Flowers and Wine Gift Combo ($92 – $215)
  • Flowers and Balloons Gift Combo ($65 – $190)
  • Flowers and Teddy Bear – ($144 – $233)

Customer Reviews

My Global Flowers has been receiving lots of positive feedback due to their freshest blooms and outstanding delivery services.

Customers mostly mentioned the fast and on-time arrival of the orders and that the flowers that are always in excellent condition, proving that they have the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan.

A customer wrote this review:

“I’ve ordered several times from MyGlobalFlowers, they’ve never failed me. Thank you very much for the excellent speedy service”

Delivery and Payment

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

3.  Atyrau Flowers

Atyrau Flowers' Bouquets
SPECIALTYFestive and Bright Floral Arrangements, Chocolate Cards and Gift Teas, Colourful Set of Roses
SELECTION SIZE    Large (Flower Bouquets)
WEBSITE      http://atyrauflowers.kz/en/
CONTACT DETAILS           +7 701 022 00 52

Atyrau Flowers takes pride in their unlimited range of floral arrangements where even the rarest and exotic flower selections can be found. They’re known for colourful and lively designs that can lighten up a room and bring smiles to everyone.

If you opt to give a set of blooms that screams fun and happiness, then you’ll definitely love their collections. They have specially-designed arrangements for your loved ones, colleagues, business partners, and friends.

They specialise in creating hand-tied bouquets filled with varied colours of roses, with each colour having its own symbolism like friendship, sympathy, passion, longing, luxury, elegance, and more. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to convey your love through a stunning mix of blooms?

Most of their designs, especially the grand ones, feature jaw-dropping bouquet wraps that were originally arranged by their skilled florists! If you’re looking for other arrangements, they also have flower boxes and baskets packed with cute design pieces.

Whichever arrangement you choose, you can add gift items like candies and balloons. Some of the items like chocolate cards and gift teas are not usually offered by most florist shops, so you might want to try including these gifts to make it more special!


  • Vivid flower choices
  • Creates breathtaking bouquet designs
  • Rare gift items
  • Offers special vouchers
  • Easy order and delivery transaction


  • Limited flower arrangements
  • Flower boxes and gift combos are quite expensive


  • Rose Bouquets – (100₸ – 51, 500₸)
  • Flower Boxes – (28 400₸)
  • Flowers and Stuff Toy Gift Basket (8,400₸)
  • Flowers and Sweets Gift Basket (9,900₸)

Customer Reviews

Atyrau Flowers’s services were greatly praised because of the smooth online transactions and on-time deliveries. Because of this, many customers consider them to have the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan!

Customers also mentioned the long-lasting aesthetics of the flowers and reasonable prices. A customer left this feedback:

“Quickly responding staff at Whatsapp, keep up to date with the ongoing order, clarify design details, send a photo of the bouquet to the customer before sending! Great service! I highly recommend it !!!”

Delivery and Payment

Visa, MasterCard

4.  La Flore

La Flore's Bouquets
SPECIALTYLimited Edition Floral Collections, Seasonal Bouquets, Premium Bouquets
SELECTION SIZE    Limited Edition Collections
DELIVERY FEE        No Charge for Regular Delivery Service, Additional Fee of +3,000₸ for Express 90-minute Delivery
WEBSITE      https://www.lafloreshop.kz/?lang=en
CONTACT DETAILS           +7(708) 200 03 34

Are you one of those flower enthusiasts who enjoy decorating their home or office interior with fresh blooms? If you are, then you must see the finest floral selections at La Flore.

La Flore is quite different from other florist shops. They release new collections every 4 months and since they started, they’ve never done the same catalogue.

It’s quite impressive how they come up with original and refreshing designs in such a short period. It’s one of the many reasons why customers are thrilled for every collection launch.

Each arrangement is specially wrapped with their signature style. It may look simple and minimalist at first glance, but the designs are limited editions, perfect for one-of-a-kind floral designs for your loved ones.

They do spring, summer, autumn, and winter collections where they highlight the beauty of each season through the aesthetic colour palette of flowers. They also make new rose bouquet collections every few months, offering harmonious combinations.

For those who want to give a large bouquet as a congratulatory gift or for a hard-earned milestone, they have a set of premium bouquets styled with grand and elegant flower choices.


  • Releases new collection every 4 months
  • Offers original designs
  • Excellent choice of flowers
  • Provides free delivery service


  • Additional charge for express delivery is quite high


  • Autumn Bouquets (17, 000₸ – 33, 200₸)
  • Rose Bouquets (17, 000₸ – 37, 000₸)
  • Premium Bouquets (40, 000₸ – 72, 000₸)

Customer Reviews

Customers were in awe with the creativity of the florists. They said that La Flore truly knows how to make floral designs that fully complements the sentiments of each season.

A customer gave this review:

“Today I ordered such a bouquet for my wife. She was delighted. ATP for your creativity!”

Delivery and Payment

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express

5.  Best Flowers

Best Flowers' Bouquets
SPECIALTYUniquely Shaped Flower Arrangements, Limited Edition Flower Boxes
DELIVERY FEE        1,000₸ , Free Delivery Service for Orders Above 30,000₸
WEBSITE      https://bestflowers.kz/
CONTACT DETAILS           + 7 778 957-85-75 , +7 777 250-66-72 , +7 727 329-87-18

Best Flowers features a large assortment of fresh flowers designed with varied styles like hand-tied bouquets, flower boxes, flower baskets, and more. Most of their arrangements feature a great combination of classic and modern themes suitable for everyone’s tastes.

What makes them different from the previous options is their animal-inspired flower collections. Each design is shaped with the use of different flower types and colours to create unusual yet funny, cute, and memorable gifts.

These flower arrangements are quite similar to soft toys, making them a perfect gift for kids! They’ll surely like a flower display of their favourite animals or characters at home!

Aside from animal-shaped flowers, they also have heart-shaped flowers available in multiple sizes and styles. Some designs even include strawberries and candies with little sparkles—perfect for Valentine’s! 

When it comes to their flower boxes, they focus on stylish and contemporary styles. Each box is handmade and filled with new and different blooms for every order to ensure that there are no repetitions of designs.

Whether it’s for holiday celebrations, anniversaries, or any other celebrations, they’ve got the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan!


  • Unique themed floral arrangements
  • Wide range of styles and designs
  • Free delivery for orders above 30,000₸


  • Local pickup and courier express delivery only available within Almaty
  • Most collections are expensive


  • Flower Bouquets – (7,000₸ – 350,000₸)
  • Wedding Bouquets – (7,000₸ – 45,000₸)
  • Flower Boxes – (15,000₸ – 150,000₸)
  • Animal-Shaped Flowers – (22,000₸ – 36,000₸)
  • Heart-Shaped Flowers (15,000₸ – 450,000₸)
  • Letter-Shaped Flowers (27,000₸ – 90,000₸)

Customer Reviews

Most customers mentioned the team’s quality workmanship despite the rush. They said that the team was able to fulfil their requests on time and provide flawless negotiations.

A customer shared this story:

“I sincerely want to thank the “Best flowers” company, and especially Denis for the work done!  Excellent quality and service!  I ordered a bouquet for my mother’s birthday. The flowers were gorgeous, very fresh. They smelled great. The bouquet was made exactly as I wanted! I paid with a Visa card, no problems arose! Delivered on the appointed day and time! Mom is just delighted! The surprise was a success! Thank you very much for your work! Will definitely apply again! I recommend it to everyone!”

Delivery and Payment

Credit Cards, PayPal, Western Union

FAQs about Flower Delivery in Kazakhstan

There you go! That’s our list of shops with the best flower delivery in Kazakhstan! Have you already decided which floral arrangement you’d like to give to your loved ones/yourself? Tell us all about it!

For more florist stores that offer delivery services across the country’s capital, see these local favourite places known for providing the best flower delivery in Almaty, Kazakhstan!