4 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Kyoto

April 1, 2019
Best Flower Delivery Kyoto

When you think of flowers, don’t you feel all blooming and happy? It’s as if the mere thought of it makes you want to sniff one like a butterfly in the garden. What more joy could it bring if there is an actual basket of flowers in front of you? Spread the love that you feel by sending flowers to a special someone or to a family member. If you are planning on giving someone from Kyoto a nice bouquet of flowers, you can start now by checking the list below of the best options for flower delivery in Kyoto.

1. Aoyama Flower Market  


Best For Wrapped bouquets
Selection Large
Price Range Starts at ¥3,780
Delivery Fee ¥ 1,080
Website https://www.aoyamaflowermarket.com/
Contact 0120-876-687
Payment Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, American Express, JCB

If you are a fan of elegant-looking bouquets, you should definitely visit the shop and website of Aoyama Flower Market. They have plenty of options for you to choose from that is not limited to bouquets. Their prices are also budget-friendly so it will be a win for you.

2. Plum Field Kyoto


Best For Ornamental plants
Selection Small
Price Range  
Delivery Fee Varies depending on location
Website http://plumfield-kyoto.com/
Contact 075-693-5087

Plum Field Kyoto is a shop that can make various things at hand. They are available to make flower arrangements for almost any kind of events, as well as flowering plants for gardening. They also offer regional delivery services which is great for people who have family and friends outside of Kyoto or Japan.

3. Joujou Flowers


Best For Decorative flowers
Selection Medium
Price Range  
Delivery Fee  
Website https://www.joujou-flowers.com/
Contact 075-701-1989
Payment Visa, Mastercard

Joujou Flowers starter in 2004 and since then they have committed to provide only the best quality of flower arrangement services. Their most important mission is to satisfy their clients’ need for high quality flowers and to add fun and color to their everyday lives.

4. Pousse Online Store


Best For Petite bouquets
Selection Large
Price Range Starts at ¥5,000
Delivery Fee Starts at ¥350
Website https://www.pousse-kyoto.com
Contact 075-253-0077
Payment Major credit cards

Does small, cute, and colorful things excite you? Especially if these things are fresh flowers arranged by only the best florist in Kyoto? Then you have found your perfect match! Pousse Online Store creates these tiny, fresh flower arrangements that are perfect as gift or an added accessory to your room. Make sure to check these items in their website.

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