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8 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Osaka

July 15, 2018
8 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Osaka

Despite the modernity and advanced technology in Osaka, the people of Japan manage to maintain a healthy and verdant surrounding. Even the way they display their greenery has a touch of respect and reverence for nature. For instance kokedama or using a ball of soil where ornamental plants can grow originated in Japan. This kind of creativity and innovation can likewise be observed among flower delivery services in Japan. So if you want to check out the Osaka way of arranging flowers, here are some of the best florists and flower shops to try in Osaka.

1.      The Japan Florist

Best Options for Flower Delivery Japan | The Japan Florist

BEST FOR Rose bouquets
PRICE RANGE ¥3,975 – ¥38,829
DELIVERY FEE Starts at ¥1,128
SAME DAY DELIVERY Available for most areas in Japan.

Some far areas like Okinawa, Kyushu and Hokkaido needs 2 day delivery time.

WEBSITE www.thejapanflorist.com
CONTACT Contact Form
PAYMENT        METHODS Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diner’s Club, Amex, JCB, Skrill, PayPal

The Japan Florist is an online florist as well as a gift store. You can get everything you need for a birthday, anniversary, grand opening or graduation. The Japan Florist delivers flowers in Osaka as well as Tokyo. Businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs can conveniently buy flower bouquets for corporate guests as tokens, while customers attending a wedding can find suitable wedding gifts here as well.

Their extensive selection of rose bouquets also make them one of the most recommended Osaka florist for romantic occasions. You can order wine or chocolates with it to impress your significant other.

2.      Jardin du L’llony

Best Flower Delivery in Osaka | Jardin du Lllony

BEST FOR Box arrangements
PRICE RANGE ¥5,400—¥100,000
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE www.illony.com
INSTAGRAM @jardinduillony
CONTACT 03 – 6427 – 4387
PAYMENT METHODS Visa, JCB, MasterCard, or American Express

Jardin du L’llony has some high-end clients under their belt, including Cartier and Hermès. The florists from this Osaka flower delivery were self-taught and inspired by the natural balance present in nature. They are favoured for flower arrangements in events as well as business partnerships for planstcaping and interior design.

They started out in Kobe without a physical store to sell their products. Overtime their unique designs and top-notch flower arrangements has earned the praise of flower aficionados and recognition in the industry. They have even been featured in various magazines.

3.      i879

Best Options for Flower Delivery Japan | i879

BEST FOR Flower baskets
PRICE RANGE ¥3,240 – ¥27,000
DELIVERY FEE Starts at ¥540
WEBSITE www.i879.com
CONTACT 0120-879-123 | 03-5719-1593
PAYMENT METHODS VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, DC, JAL, TS CUBIC, UFJ, Ion, Diners, ANA card, Rakuten card, convenience store payment

You have a lot of options if you choose to buy flowers at i879. This Osaka flower delivery has a large catalogue of flower arrangements to cover all possible occasions and customer preference. You can even narrow down your search by filtering the selection by price, occasion, colour, flower type, arrangement or birthday flower. So you’ll definitely find something to suit your needs or taste in their expansive selection.

4.      Nicolai Bergmann

Best Options for Flower Delivery Japan | Nicolai Bergmann

BEST FOR Flower boxes
PRICE RANGE ¥3,780 – ¥27,000
DELIVERY FEE Delivery fee depends on the total price of purchase. Calculated upon checkout.
WEBSITE www.nicolaibergmann.com
INSTAGRAM @nicolaibergmann
CONTACT customercare@nicolaibergmann.com  | 03.5755.3900 (+81.3.5755.3900 for international calls)
PAYMENT METHODS Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, convenience store payment

Nicolai Bergmann’s flower boxes are among their bestsellers. The dark colour of the box provides a beautiful contrast to the colourful and delicate blooms on display inside. Meanwhile, their hand bouquets are wrapped in their signature paper and ribbon with the shop’s logo, then placed inside the delivery box securing the flowers during shipping. They deliver 7 days a week but you have to order 4 days in advance to get your flowers on time.

5.      Florist Douze

Best Flower Delivery in Osaka | Florist Douze

BEST FOR Bespoke bouquets
PRICE RANGE Available upon inquiry
DELIVERY FEE Available upon inquiry
WEBSITE www.florist-douze.com
CONTACT 078-321-4412
PAYMENT METHODS Available upon inquiry

If you do not like generic flower arrangements, then bespoke bouquets from Florist Douze would suit you perfectly. Their bouquets are not just for giving as gifts on special occasions, they can also create vase and table arrangements which you can place in your kitchen, dining table, the entrance or in your bedroom. Douze changes the flowers in their catalogue every month and develops fresh flower arrangements depending on the available blooms.

6.      Hanaya 87

Best Flower Delivery in Osaka | Hanaya 87

BEST FOR Hand bouquets
PRICE RANGE Starts at ¥2,160
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE www.hanaya87.com
CONTACT Contact Form

Hanaya sells pretty hand bouquets for different occasions. They also have a lot of mixed flowers in their arrangements to make them more versatile for whatever reason you may want in sending a bouquet. They’re conveniently located near stations, so if you are in a hurry you can quickly pick one up yourself and be on your way. Of course, if it’s more convenient, they do offer a reliable flower delivery service in Osaka.

7.      Luvonical

Best Flower Delivery in Osaka | Luvonical

BEST FOR Minimalist flower arrangements
PRICE RANGE ¥3,000 – ¥20,000
DELIVERY FEE Calculated upon checkout
WEBSITE www.luvonical.com
CONTACT Contact@luvonical.com | 06-4394-717
PAYMENT METHODS Cash or bank transfer

Luvonical is a combination of love and botanical which means the flower shop owners are very passionate about plants and floristry. You can order 4 days in advance to get your order on the day that you need it. For each bouquet, you get round and long variations. They also have houseplants as housewarming gifts or as a “Get Well Soon” present.

8.      Flowershop Ichihana

Best Flower Delivery in Osaka | Flowershop Ichihana

BEST FOR Customised bouquets
PRICE RANGE Starts at ¥500
DELIVERY FEE Depends on order
WEBSITE www.ichihana-showacho.com
CONTACT 06-6624-0187

Flowershop Ichihana provides nationwide shipping, so if you want to send flowers to Osaka and other areas in Japan, you can certainly shop at their online store. To order, you just need to tell them your budget so they can work around it, tell them the occasion and then if you have other requests in terms of colour or flower choice. They have some of the cheapest flower stands in Osaka, so they are perfect to give as grand opening flowers and congratulatory flower stands for a business launch or similar celebrations.

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