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8 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Paris

The 12 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Paris

Don’t have the time to smell the flowers (literally)?

The good thing is in Paris, you can always purchase fresh flowers online – whether you want to indulge in a bouquet of pastel pink peonies or surprise your significant other with a bunch of wildflowers.

Live la vie en rose by checking out these awesome flower delivery shops in Paris.

NOTE: Due to the current pandemic outbreak, we’ve noted the relevant service changes for some of the shops listed below. Most stores are still accepting online or phone orders as well as deliveries.

1. Floral French

Floral French


BEST FOR Budget-friendly, modern hand bouquets
PRICE RANGE €51 – €143 (Bouquets)
DELIVERY FEE Same Day Flower Delivery
WEBSITE https://www.floralfrench.com/
PAYMENT VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer

Everything about Floral French is fast and efficient. Their online shop boasts a thoughtfully curated collection of modern flower arrangements and streamlined floral designs. Plus, their safe and secure payment options add comfort to the overall ease of transaction. Their bestselling hand bouquets are professionally handcrafted daily by their talented florist, so you get them in perfect form and freshness every time. Finally, their biggest advantage is their 90-minute guaranteed delivery of bouquets and farm-fresh flowers straight to your doorstep. Free same day flower delivery applies to all orders placed before 3pm.

2. Flower de Paris

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Flower de Paris


BEST FOR Pretty pastel hand-tied bouquets
WEBSITE www.flower.fr
INSTAGRAM @flowerdeparis
CONTACT +33 1 44 50 00 20 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Flower de Paris promises to deliver your order within a maximum of 12 hours. To receive your delivery in the morning, you must order before 9 am. Similarly, to receive it before the end of the day, the order must have been placed before 15 hours. After this cut-off time, your order will be delivered in the morning or the next working day. You can also buy beautiful, vintage vases and containers of different shapes and materials: ceramic artisan creations, minimalist glass vases and a Medici cast iron vase to perfectly display those lush blooms.

3. Christian Morel

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Christian Morel


BEST FOR Bespoke flower bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Prices are inclusive of delivery fee
WEBSITE www.christianmorel.com
INSTAGRAM @christianmorelfleuriste
CONTACT +33 (0) 1 49 23 94 33 | [email protected]

Bold and vibrant flower bouquets certainly stand out from Christian Morel’s catalogue of floral arrangements, but to challenge their talented florists you may want to try out their custom-made flower bouquets. You can tell them the emotion you want the bouquet to evoke or the overall vibe you want for the intended recipient to feel. Of course, the intention for your surprise flower delivery in Paris would also be helpful to help them craft a creatively unique arrangement.

4. Le Jardin d’ Audrey

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Le Jardin d'Audrey


BEST FOR Dried flower bouquets
DELIVERY FEE Calculated at checkout
WEBSITE www.lejardindaudrey.fr
INSTAGRAM @le_jardin_d_audrey
CONTACT +33 687542464 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Credit Card

Founder Audrey is a romantic at heart with a passion for flowers. She honed her floral design techniques and skills as a floral designer from La Piverdière, a renowned floral institution in France. With Le Jardin d’ Audrey, she’s able to share her expertise with French-style floral designs using delicate and seasonal flowers. You can purchase eternal flowers from the e-shop, from flower crowns to mini bouquets. Whether you use them for arrangements or crafts, eternal flowers can be enjoyed for years. Your flowers can be delivered between 5 and 7 days from the date of order.

Le Jardin d’ Audrey also provides flowers for weddings and professional event. They can organise workshops for anyone interested in floristry. Learn how to create the perfect bouquet or arrange for a bachelorette party where you can craft pretty flower accessories for the entourage.

NOTE: They’re still taking orders online, by phone, or email. They also kindly remind the customers that there could be some minor delays with the deliveries

5. Fleurs de Prestige

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Fleurs de Prestige


BEST FOR Unique, upscale floral designs
PRICE RANGE From 138 €
DELIVERY FEE Free delivery to Paris 9ème (Minimum order of 80 €)
Standard delivery for other areas start from  12 €
White Gloves Delivery: 21,50 € per delivery (Minimum order of 150 €)
WEBSITE www.fleursdeprestige.fr
INSTAGRAM @fleursdeprestigeparis
CONTACT | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Fleurs de Prestige pays a keen eye on details to make sure the experience of buying to delivery is special and memorable. It’s not just the quality of flowers that are of the finest quality, they also include packaging as important as floral design. So,they use fabrics to wrap their floral creations. Finally, each bouquet will be sublimated with this elegant, original and neat box.

6. Lily Griffiths

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Lily Griffiths


BEST FOR Seasonal flowers, Japanese and Western-style floral designs, floral accessories
SELECTION SIZE N/A, customised per client/customer
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.lilygriffiths.com
INSTAGRAM @lilygriffiths
CONTACT + 33 (0)6 83 95 98 25 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Lily Griffiths is a floral designer and decorator. She creates and manufactures fashion accessories with textile flowers in addition to crafting fresh floral arrangements. She specialises in Floral Art and versatile enough to create diverse floral compositions. They also hold classes for people interested in flower arrangement and floristry.

7. Girls & Roses

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Girls and Roses


BEST FOR Premium roses, mixed bouquets, garden-style arrangements and elegant floral compositions for all occasions
PRICE RANGE €25 – €180
DELIVERY FEE Prices include delivery fee
WEBSITE www.girlsandroses.com
INSTAGRAM @girls_and_roses
CONTACT 09 86 15 75 20
PAYMENT Major credit cards

After training at the school of florists in Paris, Philippa decided to follow her dream by co-founding Girls & Roses in 2011. Their previous cliens include some of the biggest and most respected brands. Premium roses may be the classic choices and bestsellers, but they also have a lot of options for beautiful mixed bouquets, garden-style arrangements and elegant floral compositions for all occasions.

NOTE: Their storefront is temporarily closed until further notice but you can still pre-order a bouquet or a plant for delivery or pickups during Tuesdays.

8. Deschamps

Best Flower Delivery Paris | Deschamps


BEST FOR Upscale flower arrangements, bespoke floral styling for weddings and events
SELECTION SIZE N/A, Customised to client’s needs
PRICE RANGE Contact florist for prices
DELIVERY FEE Fees may vary
WEBSITE www.deschampsfleuriste.com
CONTACT 01 42 27 98 94 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Major credit cards

Deschamps Fleurists, at 18 avenue Niel 75017 Paris, offers the finest flowers to their loyal and passionate clientele. Their stock of best quality and varieties of seasonal flowers, foliage, berries, plants are sourced daily from their wholesalers, horticulturists, producers in the national and international markets such as Holland, France, the Italy, Africa, Asia for the exotic and South America for exceptional roses. Arrangements are handcrafted by their skilled florists, whether it is an elegant hat box, flower cake, fragrant roses or peony for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, engagement or marriage proposal and other personal milestones and occasions. Their packaging includes their signature paper personalised and branded DESCHAMPS with satin ribbon and tissue paper.

9. Aude Rose

best flower delivery in Paris - Aude Rose


BEST FOR Neo-classical floral designs
PRICE RANGE Enquire for prices
DELIVERY FEE Contact for delivery fees
WEBSITE https://www.auderose.com
INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/auderose/
CONTACT 01 47 72 49 31 | [email protected]
PAYMENT Contact for payment options

A Florist in Suresnes, Aude Rose is a Wedding and Event Specialist that also offers delivery bouquet in Paris and Ile de France. They’re known for their timeless, neo-classical floral creations, using shades such as old pink, green celadon, or blue storm.

10.  Flowers-to-France


BEST FOR Deliveries to France
PRICE RANGE 48,00 Euro to 238,00 Euro
DELIVERY FEE Depends on your location
WEBSITE https://www.flowers-to-france.com/
CONTACT email: [email protected]


fax: +39 06 83700371

skype: wine.flowers

PAYMENT Contact for more details

Flowers to France is a service that can work with customers to choose and send flowers they desire to their loved ones anywhere in France. Their service is present in the major French cities and provinces.

11. Boya Paris

Boya Paris


BEST FOR Bespoke flower arrangements
SELECTION SIZE Contact for more information
PRICE RANGE From 40€ to 300€ on the eshop, can be customized if the client contacts me directly 
DELIVERY FEE 10-15€ according to the distance
WEBSITE https://www.boyaparis.com/
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/boya.paris/
CONTACT 0033 (0)1 45 49 09 99 • [email protected]
PAYMENT Credit Cards, Paypal, Online, or On the Phone

Boya Paris is the first flower concept store located in the heart of Paris. They were founded in 2018 and is now aiming to share and promote a floral lifestyle.

They are the only flower shop that is deeply influenced by both French and Chinese floral art. Thus they style in arranging natural flowers look more alive and bright than typical flowers from other stores. Their arrangements emphasize in irregularity since it is disorderliness is almost the same as a flower growing naturally.

In comparison to others, they also offer other products such as craft and vintage vases, jewelries, home decors, lights, and furniture that are all inspired from nature.

Previous clients left some reviews on their Facebook page. One said that they definitely recommend Boya Paris because they offer a large variety of flowers. Another mentioned that the flowers they got was sublime and evidently presented with care.

Each of these flower delivery shops in Paris has their own unique vibe and specialty, but did you find one that suits your taste? Share with us which one’s your favorite in the comments below!

12. Bertrand Artisan Floral

BEST FORRetail florist services
SELECTION SIZEVaries; as per the customer’s order
PRICE RANGEContact florist for prices or refer to the official website
DELIVERY FEEFees may vary
WEBSITE https://www.bertrandartisanfloral.com/
CONTACT09 81 25 84 25 | [email protected]
PAYMENTMajor credit cards

The Bertrand Artisan Floral is a flower shop located in Paris, France that offers a wide array of florist services ranging from personal flower arrangements to supporting your floral needs in ceremonies and events. It also hosts different workshops leaning towards floristry such as flower arrangement and the like.

Having access to fresh, dried, and their original selection of flowers, the shop sells the said products in arrangements that the client wishes along with other antique home decor objects as well. 

The shop prides itself on incorporating values such as being eco-friendly and being respectful to the environment in its work ethics and products.

The shop also ensures that the price range of the said products and services that they provide is negotiated beforehand and even offers subscriptions in accordance with the client’s style and frequency of order.

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