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The 9 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Rotterdam

Nature is truly a spectacular sight and provider. Apart from this, it gives us other natural resources essential for our growth physically and emotionally. Netherlands is third of the biggest agricultural exporter around the world. Due to the vast gift of nature, it is also popular for bright and fragrant flowers. In fact, they conduct annual flower show to feature the rich and diverse flower varieties in their area.

If you want to send a gift to someone special, what better gift could you give than the flowers from Rotterdam. Here are eight of the best flower delivery options in Rotterdam.

Note: With the easing of lockdown measures, most flower shops in our list have slowly return to their normal operations, including the ones in our list. Most of these flower shops are now accepting orders for deliveries and pickups.

We’ve also noted the ones with relevant service adjustments during the pandemic.

1. Netherland Blooms

Netherland Blooms

BEST FOR Budget-friendly modern flower arrangements
PRICE RANGE €57.00 – €124.00
DELIVERY FEE Free same day delivery
WEBSITE https://www.netherlandblooms.com/
PAYMENT Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bank Transfer

Netherland Blooms is dedicaed to making it easy for you to send love to the people you love. They developed their bespoke presentation boxes to reflect the beauty of the flowers inside, whilst still protecting every petal.

Their team gets their produces from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands. To ensure client satisfaction, they make sure to only offer the highest quality of products at a reasonable price.

2. Flower Delivery Rotterdam



Best For Any Occasion
Selection Medium
Price Range Starts at € 16.50
Delivery fee € 4.95
Website https://bloemenbezorgenrotterdam.nl/
Contact 010 3107934
Payment Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, and others

Are you in need of flower arrangement and you want to choose from a variety of options? Flower Delivery Rotterdam offers a great selection of flowers that might just fit your needs. They also exert the extra effort in fulfilling your order. They ensure on time delivery and utmost care in handling every order. More than that, they provide good packaging for your deliveries to ensure that freshness of flowers is not compromised.

3. Regiobloemist Rotterdam


Best For
Selection Medium
Price Range Starts at € 17.95
Delivery fee € 6.95
Website https://www.regiobloemist.nl/
Contact 085 303 4247
Payment Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others

Region Bloemist delivers flowers around Netherlands. They guarantee that they deliver flowers that are of the highest quality. These flowers are proven to last for at least seven days from the delivery date. They have great flower arrangements usable for any occasion. You could browse their website to learn more and you’d be surprised how affordable their flowers are.

Note: Regiobloemist Rotterdam will be working throughout the pandemic. However, some orders may not be accommodated given the limited selection of flowers.

4. Best West Flowers


Best For Weddings and Funerals
Selection Small
Price Range
Delivery fee
Website https://bestwestflowers.wixsite.com/bestwestflowers
Contact 010 412 6670 | [email protected]

Flowers from Best West Flowers possess that bright and vibrant colors that makes flowers extra special. Their design put together and gorgeous., which could be perfect for weddings, bridal showers, and other themed events. They specialize in big events like weddings and funerals, whether package deal or customized solution. Best West Flowers coul also be your go to florist for everyday occasions since they also create stunning designs for this.

5. ‘S Zomers


Best For Trendy and Edgy Designs
Selection Medium
Price Range Starts at 5.75 € 28.5
Delivery fee  €
Website https://zomersbloemen.nl/#/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zomersbloemen/
Contact +      31 04127746
Payment Paypal, Mastercard, Visa

Over 25 years, ‘S Zomers creates stunning flower arrangements that embodies innovation and edginess. Their designs carry its own character and brings luxury to the table through the artistry of design. They also have a unique manner of ordering flowers. They get every details of the recipient and the flowers you would like to give. For instance, relationship to the recipient, occasion, preferred color, and your budget will be asked to create the perfect flower for you.

Note: Like most shops in our list, it’s returned to accepting orders for both pickups and deliveries. Customers may send in their orders through the website.

6. Franc Nissen Flowers Tea and Decorations



Best For Any Occasion
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at € 19.95
Delivery fee
Website http://www.franc-nissen.nl/
Contact 010 4112064 | [email protected]

 Franc Nissen established Flowers Tea & Decorations to incorporate the goodness of tea in floral shopping. They offer 50 different types of loose tea and delicious pastry in the shop to complement the beautiful ambiance and give you a relaxing space. Their shop creates four different collection in a year to keep up with the seasonal flowers and occasions.

7. Bloemenboetiek’s Bolletje


Best For Any Occasion
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at € 20
Delivery fee Free
Website http://www.het-bolletje.nl/
Contact 010 2330989 | [email protected]
Payment iDeal, Paypal

Bloemenboetiek’s Bolletje creates stunning flower arrangements for different occasions. You could even trust them in creating a special line of flower arrangements for a big occasion because they have a wide portfolio on previous their works in weddings, funerals, and other big events. It has long been in the industry and it keeps Rotterdam and nearby areas satisfied with their floral needs.

Note: Bloemenboetiek’s Bolletje is still accepting orders for deliveries. Some orders will also be entitled to either free or discounted delivery fee.

8. Flowers Rotterdam



Best For Trendy Design
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at €19.95
Delivery fee € 6.50
Website https://www.bloemenrotterdam.nl/
Contact 010 4132608 | [email protected]
Payment Mastercard, Visa, & iDeal

Flowers Rotterdam is a family owned flower delivery shop that provides utmost care to their customers. They provide professional service and top-notch artistry in their designs, which is very evident with their collection in the website. Their style in flower arrangement is very trendy and they make sure to keep abreast with the latest trends in floral designs.

9. Bloemenhal Central Station


Best For
Selection Small
Price Range Starts at € 11.95
Delivery Fee Free
Website https://bloemenhalcsrdam.nl/rotterdam/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bloemenhalcs/
Contact 010 – 4126596 | [email protected]

Bloemenhal Central Station creates beautiful flowers with distinctive design. In fact, they have been well known flower shop since 1966. They were situated near the old Rotterdal Central Station. Since then, they have been a go to place if you need flowers. Now, they continue to provide for the floral needs of the Rotterdam community.