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4 Best Child-Safe Plants for Babies and Toddlers

When decorating your nursery, living room, or another part of your home for your little one, you should be careful to pick only safe and non-toxic items, plants, and furniture.

The reason is that there are a plethora of plants that are toxic to kids and pets if touched or accidentally ingested.

Luckily, we have your back, as we are featuring some of the nicest and best child-safe plants you can get for your baby or toddler. Scroll down to see them!

1) Calathea


Calathea is not only beautiful with its large leaves and patterns, but it’s also safe for babies, kids, and pets.

In fact, it also purifies the air by eliminating a wide range of harmful compounds at home. Plus, it gives moisture to the air, preventing dry skin and allowing you to sleep better.

There are 60 species of Calathea, but we suggest getting Calathea Beauty Star or Calathea lancifolia for the same reasons mentioned above.

2) Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe Bella Palm

Even if your nursery receives little sun from the window, a Neanthe Bella Palm can grow albeit at a slower rate.

With a light form and alternating slender leaves and spaces, it is stylish and easy to maintain. 

Watering it should be done every 7 to 10 days. After which the soil can withstand a bit of dryness before the next drink.

On top of that, it’s pretty hardy in that it can survive if you’ve accidentally dropped it to the ground as opposed to other plants. By the way, you can set it on a table or by the windowsill, whichever you prefer.

3) Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides is more famously known as the Chinese money plant. Its other names are friendship plant as well as amusing ones which are pancake plant and UFO plant.

It is simplistic with round and gracefully hanging leaves. It can be placed in a modern or stylish pot in the nursery, entrance hall, or bathroom.

A key characteristic of the money plant is it is easy to propagate or breed, so to speak. When you’ve done so, you’ll have a family of them, which, if paired with different kinds of plants, can create a relaxing atmosphere.

4) Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria Succulents

Echeveria is a genus of rosette-shaped succulents native to Mexico and Central and South America. Any kind of echeveria would be great, as they’re safe around babies and toddlers.

There are various kinds of echeverias with unique patterns, textures, and colors for you to pick from. And not to mention that they’re groovy and affordable!

Also, taking care of these plants is a piece of cake. They require watering only every 7 to 10 days and about 6 hours of sunlight per day.

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