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Gladiolus Flower Meaning That You Might Not Know

With their blade-like shape and flamboyant colors, gladioli are some of the most brilliant flowers of nature. Due to this, they are sometimes referred to as sword lilies or corn lilies.

Gladiolus is a great perennial flower that blossoms in the summer. Depending on the species, the flowering plant can have small or large flowers and can grow between two and five feet.

Also, did you know that they belong to the iris family?

Scientific facts aside, we’re now going to delve into their flower meaning and symbolism to satisfy your curiosity or help you decide whether gladiolus is right for your special one.

The Name Origin of Gladioli

Its name stems from the Latin word gladius, meaning short sword. It’s also called xiphium, being related to iris flowers whose name is derived from the Greek word xiphios and also means small sword.

But among floral businesses and merchants, they are also called “glads” for short.

The Meaning of Gladioli

The Meaning of Gladioli

Gladiolus has been well associated with gladiators who fought in an arena to entertain a crowd.

It is said that these warriors wore gladiolus corms around their necks as a good-luck charm so they’ll be victorious and survive the fight.

Being used by Roman gladiators, these flowers became a symbol of strength and honor as well as courage, persistence, and faithfulness. And today, people still regard them as such.

Besides that, gladiolus is taken to mean infatuation.

The Symbolism of Gladioli

Along with poppies, gladiolus is the official birth flower of August. Couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary also give these blooms to each other or decorate their event with them.

Gifting someone with gladiolus flowers can also symbolize that the giver is pierced with intense love and passion for their beloved.

When to Give a Gladiolus Flower

When to Give a Gladiolus Flower

Like all sorts of flowers, each gladiolus color differs in meaning.

Standing for deep love and passion, red gladioli are suitable to give during Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and weddings.

For showing gratefulness and appreciation, you can give a loved one, colleague, or friend purple gladioli. This color of gladiolus means respect, charm, and good luck.

Other occasions you can give purple gladioli are when congratulating someone, a friend is getting a job promotion, or they’re moving into a new house.

And for showing that you care or for cheering up a friend in the hospital, you should give yellow gladiolus flowers. This can make their day and soothe them from disappointment, frustration, or loss.

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