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How to Make an Italian Garden

You don’t have to visit Italy to enjoy its magnificent views and landscapes. You can actually bring it closer to your home—by making an Italian garden, for one.

An Italian garden has three main characteristics: manicured lawns, elegant hardscape, and Mediterranean plants.

So that’s good news for those who want to follow this garden style because these three elements aren’t very hard to create, given you have the resources. And here are some useful tips for that.

1) Plant Italian flowers or plants

Plant Italian flowers or plants

Choices are abundant for Italian or Mediterranean plants out there. You can grow lovely overhanging grapevines, bushy olive groves, and round-headed bay trees around your house.

Summer jasmine and holly are some of the nicest flowering plants. Also, beautiful herbs that can be planted in pots or garden beds include rosemary, tansy, and lavender, just to name a few.

And with a stylish arbor or pergola, you can easily incorporate these plants over them, which will make your yard look majestic.

2) Build an inviting patio

Build an inviting patio

This is a simple and practical way to give your garden an Italian flair. For this, the material and color have to be warm and inviting while being gentle to the eyes.

Sandstone is a fantastic paving option for your patio with its soft grey or brownish look and effortless design. Flat stone-grey porcelain pavers are another great choice you can adopt.

3) Add furniture to your garden

Add furniture to your garden

Another easy way to make an Italian garden is to use wrought-iron chairs and tables. This can be a place to enjoy a chat and a coffee or barbecue in the afternoon.

Additionally, to make your garden cozier, add soft-foamed chairs and stone benches for after-drink relaxation. But keep them away from the rain, or better yet, install a deck or roof over them.

4) Trim your lawn regularly

Trim your lawn regularly

You can grow a lawn that takes advantage of your area. Whatever it is, you should enlist a lawn professional’s help to keep it neat and verdant regularly.

It’s also nice if you have rolling hills with vivid green and soft red-brown vegetation to recall Italian views.

But, of course, keeping your lawn and its plants lush and eye-catching requires periodic watering and fertilizing. So you have to do your part too for it to look beautiful for as long as have them.

5) Complete your garden furnishings

Complete your garden furnishings

Once you have completed your main garden design, you can add Tuscan-style accessories for class and elegance.

Perhaps you can add a beautiful feature piece like a sundial, terracotta urns, and a small topiary maze. Along with that, you can add a small water display like a fountain to add to the relaxed atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can consult with an expert decorator about this and ask them to recommend great options to complement your home and stay within your budget.

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