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The Best Wedding Flowers for Autumn

Planning for your wedding flowers this autumn? Let us help you with that through our selection of flowers you can fashionably carry with you as you walk down the aisle.

The autumn season is all about reds, oranges, and yellows. You can have a florist craft a gorgeous arrangement for you from many types of fall flowers.

So, if you are ready for these kinds of flowers and greenery, let’s start!

1) Dahlias


Dahlias are a special type of flower with spiky petals and complex detail. It is large and supremely beautiful that will make your bunch stand out on your wedding day.

Colors are not the problem since it has many from mesmerizing orange to wonderful white. It doesn’t have a particular scent, though.

Also, it is harder to find and more expensive compared to other flowers. But, you can always pick a couple of dahlias and some different flowers for the arrangement to save money.

2) Garden Roses

Garden Roses

Roses are widely used in wedding events because of their incredible beauty and wide color palette. There are lots of rose varieties you can go for including the amazing garden roses.

Garden roses differ from ordinary roses. They are larger in size and have a denser petal structure—almost like peonies, which aren’t in season during the autumn months, by the way.

It’s fun to put together different colors of garden roses. This will allow the bouquet to have a personalized style that also expresses your love and admiration for your future husband.

3) Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids

Orange cymbidium orchids might well as be the national autumn flower. With laid-back sunset petals and a red center, they are terrific for bouquets, buttonholes, and centerpieces.

Fun fact: these orchids can last long without water. Therefore, they’ll be burning brightly at the event venue the whole day. 

Apart from orange, they come in burgundy, mauve, yellow, green, violet, and brown. You can pair them with green roses and lisianthus too, which help the autumn colors come out.

4) Amaranthus


Amaranthus is a flowering plant that grows fast every year. It is unique in that its tentacles of small flowers can give your bouquet a forest-inspired style and cascading effect.

It can be made into a dried arrangement given its ability to retain its color. And that’s how it got its name, from a Greek word that means ‘unfading’. 

You’ll be able to complement your fall bridal bouquet with its burgundy and green colors.  Decorating your reception table or wedding arch with amaranthus can also be brilliant.

5) Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemum is the second most popular flower after the rose. It’s a natural fall wedding flower since it fully blooms during this season.

We like its flawless beauty and unmatched elegance. China and Northeastern Europe are home to thousands of diverse species of chrysanth flowers.

As they symbolize joy, dedicated love, and loyalty, they are excellent wedding flowers. Their colors include white, yellow, bright green, orange, and pink.

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